Academic Scholarship News

Pinewood keys on gate

Congratulations to the following, who have received awards to their senior schools:

Josh P: Academic Scholarship – Abingdon

Melissa W: The Lord James of Hereford Academic Scholarship (awarded to an individual who exhibits all‑round academic excellence and performed the best overall in the scholarship papers.) – Cheltenham College

Fred D: Academic Exhibition – Cheltenham College

Randeep G: Academic Exhibition – Cheltenham College

Ellen B: Academic Exhibitions – Cheltenham College

Ollie P: Academic Exhibition – Sherborne Boys

They join the following, who have also received awards this year:

Eli B: Academic Exhibition – Sherborne Girls

Wizzy W: Sports Exhibition – Sherborne Girls

Elliot B: Drama Scholarship – Cheltenham College

Melissa W: Choral Scholarship – Cheltenham College

Jack W: Music Scholarship – Dean Close

Aoife S: Sports (Swimming) Scholarship – Dean Close

Grace C: Music Scholarship (11+) to George Watson’s College, Edinburgh

George L: Sports Scholarship to King’s Bruton

Otto C: Sports Scholarship to Marlborough College

Jack N: Sports Exhibition to Clayesmore

Melissa W: Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Rex K: Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Ellen B: Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Tilly B: Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Felicity F:  Sports Scholarship to Cokethorpe