Pinewood School Library exists to provide, promote and encourage access to reading and information for all pupils and staff and to help pupils become confident, independent learners who are given every opportunity and encouragement to develop a love of books.

Our Librarian, Mrs Matthews is assisted in the Boddington Library by a team of pupil librarians who are trained to issue and return books, deal with enquiries and to carry out other jobs such as shelving and book covering.

The Prep School (Boddington) Library is situated in a central location within the school, in the former Orangery.  The Pre-Prep Library is situated in the heart of the Pre-Prep and is accessible to all classes. The libraries are electronically linked and have a single catalogue which may be accessed from either site.


The libraries house approximately 10,000 books. These include picture books, quick reads, longer novels and a full range of non-fiction books classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification System. The Pre-Prep library has a large selection of story sacks containing a book and a related toy or puppet. The Boddington Library has a range of educational magazines and newspapers which may be either looked at in the library or borrowed. The Prep School Library also has computers and a bank of tablets.

The school subscribes to Wiltshire and Swindon Learning Resources, a multi-media loan and advisory service to meet the curriculum and literacy needs of pupils.

All resources are catalogued using Capita Reading Cloud, a fully automated library system designed specifically for children of Prep school age. Every pupil and member of staff has their own PIN and may borrow items from either library. Pupils may borrow up to two items at a time. The library catalogue is available online and there is also an App available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

Pinewood subscribes to Curriculum Visions, an online reference library of over 700 non-fiction books supporting all areas of the curriculum. The books are graded according to difficulty and are suitable for all ages, including Early Years. Apart from books, there are also video clips, photographs and music. The site is completely secure, with no advertising, pop-ups or links to outside websites. There is a free app for tablets. The website address is: Pupils will need a password to login, please email the Library on to get login and password details.

Reading Room

The Reading Room is located off the hall and is primarily for pupils in Years 7 and 8 during the day and boarders in the evening. It houses a collection of fiction chosen specifically for this age range, a daily newspaper and a variety of educational and sporting magazines. There are also computers, which can be used for study purposes.

Activities and Events

There are a wide range of events and book related activities taking place each term; including author visits, themed displays, quizzes and competitions, testing for book awards, and story times.

One of the most popular events is the annual Book Fair, organised by the Travelling Book Company, where the library is always bursting with children browsing and buying some of the great new titles available.

We celebrate national book events such as Roald Dahl Day in September, National Poetry Day in October and World Book Day in March. On a Thursday afternoon children can choose a Reading Group activity which meets to discuss authors and books. During the summer term the group shadows the prestigious Carnegie and Greenaway book awards and votes for their favourite title.

Opening Times

The Boddington Library is open at break and rest for pupils and staff to visit and may be booked for class use throughout the day.

The Pre-Prep Library may be booked for group or class use and each class has its allocated time to visit the library each week for exchange of books and story time.

Throughout the school, pupils are highly adept at independent research, using a wide variety of digital and printed source material.

ISI Inspection Report 2018

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