Emiliana Damiani
Mrs Damiani – Head of Classics

Role at Pinewood: Head of Classics, Lower School French Teacher, TPE Teacher

Favourite thing about teaching Classics: It’s got to be etymology, I am absolutely fascinated about how so many words in European languages come from Latin. It’s like one big jigsaw.

Classical place I’d like to visit: I can’t believe that I’ve been to Rome, Athens etc, but I’ve never been to Hadrian’s Wall! Definitely somewhere I would like to visit soon.

Funniest Classics teaching moment: Someone who answered a question in a mock CE paper about why Agamemnon in the Iliad was sulking in his tent as “Because he didn’t really like going camping.”

Mr Smith

Role at Pinewood: Classics & Maths Teacher; Football coach

Favourite thing about teaching Classics: i) logical grammar rules, ordered sentence construction; ii) derivations; iii) learning about Ancient Rome and what the Romans got up to; iv) Greek Mythology. Nowadays the learning of Latin is led by translating stories about the Romans and Greek Myths (which the children enjoy). In yesteryear it was grammar-led and involved endless dull sentences with limited vocabulary (which the children found very tedious).

Classical places I’d like to visit: Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Pont du Gard (3-tiered aqueduct in southern France), The Acropolis.

Funniest Classics teaching moment: A few years ago I was doing some work on English words derived from Latin. I stressed that the meaning of the English word would have to have a connection with the meaning of the Latin word. I asked for suggestions of derivations from ‘multus’ (meaning ‘much’ or ‘many’). A hand shot up. ‘Maltesers, sir, you get lots of those’.

Mark.smith (Custom)