People’s interactions with each other and the planet are becoming more pronounced and complex. We are also realising more and more what a wonderful place it is. How can we not have a subject that teaches about where we live and about how we relate to places? So many kids (not all, admittedly) love geography, simply because it teaches them about this amazing place we live in and many will retain this knowledge forever. How many people can remember how to do long division and how many remember their rainforest lessons? Geography is a wonderful and fully academic subject, needed more now than ever.


At Pinewood we believe that the whole curriculum interlinks, connects and relates to geographical concepts and ideas. Knowing where countries and oceans are on a map is important, but geography is much more than the answers to trivia questions. Having the ability to geographically analyze allows us to understand the world in which we live.  Pupils develop an understanding of the interaction between the physical and human environment enabling them to become responsible citizens in an increasingly global society.

The world is constantly changing.  There is always new research to explore: new nation-states are created, natural disasters strike populated areas, the world’s climate changes. Pupils are encouraged to use personal experiences to add interest and relevance to their work and become passionate investigators and explorers into how the world works and the impact humans are having on it.

Pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding develop alongside their thinking skills, allowing them to expand ideas and form opinions.  Pupils participate actively in their learning; their enthusiasm and individuality is valued and they are given opportunities to complete tasks in ways that suit their learning styles and the department encourages and supports the use of a range of technology for individual, group and class research.

Geography is the study of the way the world works and as such, it is uniquely diverse and integrative.

Header image: Year 5 Geography Field Trip

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