Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future.


Why We Teach Geography at Pinewood

The purpose of learning Geography at Pinewood is to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge needed to understand this subject and the world in which they live – and one they may well influence now and in the future.

Geography is taught at Pinewood in the knowledge that it is a subject which is increasing in relevance to everyday life and is consequently very interesting to pupils of preparatory school age. The variety of topics covered, the continual need to update topics and review them as the world changes, can only capture the imagination. Geography is the study of the way the world works and as such, it is uniquely diverse and integrative.

Year 6 Field Trip to Weston-Super-Mare
Year 6 Field Trip to Weston-Super-Mare
Year 7 Orienteering on The Ridgeway
Year 7 Orienteering on The Ridgeway

What We Teach

Pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding develop alongside their thinking skills, allowing them to expand ideas and form opinions.  Pupils participate actively in their learning; their enthusiasm and individuality is valued and they are given opportunities to complete tasks in ways that suit their learning styles and the department encourages and supports the use of a range of technology for individual, group and class research. In the Early Years we take a theme based approach to Geography through learning “All About Me”; in Year 1 we take them on a “journey” round our local area and the UK as a whole; in Year 2 we move onto studying maps & mapping, climate, and farming, which includes a visit to a local organic farm. Once in the Prep School, Year 3 study recycling (to back this up in recent years we have visited a recycling centre and held Recycling WOW Days), Europe, and Under The Sea, which is brought to life through a trip to the Bristol Aquarium. In Year 4 we “travel” as far as India, the rainforest, and volcanoes (making our own explosive volcanoes!); In Year 5 we move onto looking at food miles, rivers & floods (including a field trip to a local stretch of river), and Africa. Year 6 broaden their geographical knowledge by examining population, natural disasters, and extreme climates. In Year 7 we look further at the geography of Europe, as well as studying globalisation, and global issues. In their final year at Pinewood Year 8 study the Olympic Village in London, ecosytems and social responsibility, as well as following Geography in the news.

Header image: Year 5 Geography Field Trip to the River Thames

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