We aim to:

INVIGORATE: History lessons are creative and fun. We aim to deliver the curriculum through dynamic lessons where a passion for the subject shines through.

ILLUMINATE: We believe that a sound and broad historical base is needed to help pupils understand the present world in light of the past. It enables children to develop a sense of identity and adds to children’s knowledge and understanding of countries and cultures. Through History teaching we encourage children to consider aspects of life from varying perspectives and make links across subjects and disciplines.

ENABLE: We ask our pupils to aim high; a strong work ethic is encouraged and pupils are encouraged to improve through target setting and individual feedback.

INSPIRE: We celebrate successes, individuality, team work and creativity; we want pupils to strive to achieve. We would like to inspire Pinewood children to have a lifetime’s love of history.

The Curriculum

History teaching at Pinewood begins in the Nursery, distinguishing between past and present. Reception builds upon this prior learning through topics such as ‘Toys’ and ‘Ourselves’. Year 1 and 2 learn how to use artefacts, study key past events and the lives of famous people.

In the Prep school, History is taught in chronological order. Year 3 begin with the Ancient Egyptians and then the Celts and the Romans. They have an Egyptian ‘Wow Day’ with an exciting visit from ‘Howard Carter’ and then explore Uffington Hill Fort to see how the Celts lived in the past. Year 4 study the Ancient Greeks and visit the Ashmolean Museum; they then go on to learning about the Indus Valley. Year 5 study the Medieval period from the Battle of Hastings to the Battle of Bosworth. They start the term focusing on William the Conqueror, the Battle of Hastings and a visit to Windsor Castle.

Year 3 Egyptian Wow Day
Year 3 Egyptian Wow Day
Year 4 Viking Day


Year 6 continue the timeline with the Tudors and Stuarts. They visit Sulgrave Manor to be immersed in the life of a Tudor family for the day. The Year 7 syllabus covers the British Empire, slave trade and the Napoleonic Wars, culminating in a trip to HMS Victory, experiencing life on board Nelson’s flagship. They then go on to studying both World Wars, making links with other events in the Twentieth Century.  The highlight of the year is a trip to the WW1 Somme trenches and the laying of a wreath at Thiepval Monument.

Year 8 follow the Common Entrance syllabus of ‘Medieval Realms 1066-1485’. They visit Salisbury Cathedral, where the focus is on the role of the church and the importance of the Magna Carta. The scholars study general historical themes and individually prepared programmes of study to prepare them for their school of choice. They visit Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament to enrich their studies.

By the time pupils leave Pinewood they will have had the opportunity to study almost a thousand years of British history, other world cultures and local history.


We are lucky to be able to use a wealth of resources to arouse children’s imaginations and put them in the past.  We use artefacts, the Wiltshire and Swindon Library Lending Service resources, the school ICT room, the Interactive White Boards, Learn-Pads, our well stocked library and up-to-date textbooks. Many approaches are used, including the use of multi-media, drama and individual study.

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