The Pinewood Maths department is a vibrant part of academic life at the school. Lessons are taught with a variety of activities, investigations and games, concentrating on many different areas of Maths, whilst giving children the opportunity to explore ideas and concepts.

One aim is to prepare children for 13+ Common Entrance and Scholarship and all through the school assessments are used to check understanding and target areas for improvement. Maths is much more than tests at Pinewood, however, and we aim to give children confidence, understanding and many opportunities to extend their mathematical knowledge. Most importantly, children at Pinewood enjoy solving puzzles, developing new skills, and the joy of success. We have recently switched to the Numicon approach from Nursery up to Year 5, which allows the children ample opportunity to talk about their Maths learning and give them a deeper understanding of many number ideas and number relationships.

All Maths classrooms have an interactive whiteboard and we have a large and growing stock of hands-on resources for use in classrooms. Many teachers use the ICT room and our many electronic devices during lessons for children to take part in individual learning.

During the year, we take part in a Puzzle Challenge day and enter children into various Maths challenges, such as the Primary Maths Challenge and the UKMT team competition. Pinewood also hosts a Year 5 Maths Challenge day for local primary and independent schools in May.

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