Miss Martyn-Fisher - Head of Science

Role at Pinewood: Head of Science, Year 7 Form Tutor and Head of Motcombe

Favourite Science Topic: Space or Chemical Reactions

Most embarrassing moment when teaching Science: I put too much potassium in a glass water trough in my first year of teaching and cracked the water trough, causing a lot of water to flow into the lab. My class thought it was hilarious. I did not!

Fun Fact about me: I was born in Kenya and grew up abroad.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Baking, Netball, Running, SCUBA Diving, Travelling (when I can!), Conservation.

Mrs Hunt - Lab Technician

Role at Pinewood: Science Lab Technician

Favourite Science Topic: Chemistry

Most embarrassing moment when teaching Science: Having a mind blank moment!

Fun Fact about me: I’ve worked at Pinewood for 21 years and I’m scared of birds.

Hobbies/Interests: Gardening and walking 


Mr Barry

Role at Pinewood: Maths, Science & PE Teacher, Sport, Head of Farnborough

Favourite Science Topic: All interesting and diverse in their own way, but probably Nutrition due to the link with exercise.

Favourite moment when teaching Science: Anything STEAM/STEM related. Firing rockets in Year 3!

Fun Fact about me: I’ve got a terrible sense of taste! (Science joke)

Hobbies/Interests: Creating practical experiments, cooking outdoors, gardening, DIY and watching the occasional rugby fixture at Kingsholm.

Ms Brassington

Role at Pinewood: Learning Skills, Science and Maths teacher

Favourite Science Topic: Anything to do with animals and the natural world.

Favourite moment when teaching Science: I love making bin bag skeletons and going on a Bug Hunt.

Fun Fact about me: If I didn’t work with children, I’d want to work with animals in the great outdoors, on my own farm.

Hobbies/Interests: Anything outdoors – walking, running, exploring and going on adventures with my own children – especially at the beach!



Mrs Lyon Taylor

Role at Pinewood: Head of Middle School and Science Teacher

Favourite Science Topic: Chemical Reactions

Most embarrassing moment when teaching Science: When a giant black spider crawled up the outside of my lab coat while I was teaching.  The children could all see it, but I couldn’t until it got to my neck.  The class had never been so quiet – they were all transfixed/terrified!

Hobbies/Interests: Anything in the sea – swimming, sailing, surfing

Mr Newcome

Roles at Pinewood: Science & TPE Teacher; Year 7 Form Tutor, Boarding Tutor, Colts Rugby/Cross-Country/Athletics/Tennis Coach

Favourite Science Topic: Respiration (though if one more pupil gets muddled up between this and breathing I might have to change my mind!)

Favourite/most embarrassing moment when teaching Science: Anytime I feel that a song is relevant to a topic and attempt to segue it into my teaching to the dismay/shock of the pupils!

Fun fact about me: My dad is a Bishop and my sister is an actress, so we are never short of a punch line when at a family gathering. I also own 3 guinea pigs.

Hobbies/interests: SPORT (to play & watch) – all and any of it. Having had to hang up my rugby boots prematurely due to injury I now love playing tennis. I am currently trying to master triathlon (which largely seems to involve spending far too much on bike parts) and will be attempting IronMan Nice in June – fingers crossed.


Catherine Robinson

Mrs Robinson

Role at Pinewood: I started at Pinewood in 1996 when I was a Year 3 Form Teacher and have had many roles over the years. I am now Head of Outreach, Head of Melchet, Year 6 Form Tutor and teach mostly Maths with some Science.

Favourite Science Topic: Combustion

Most embarrassing moment when teaching Science: One of many would be when I first started teaching Science to Year 6 – we were in the room that is now a music room above the Pre-Prep classroom. I was using the Liebig Condenser to demonstrate distillation and no one had shown me how to use it, so I set it up and left a cork in, which blew out of the top during the experiment and ink water splattered all over the ceiling!

Hobbies/Interests: I love walking my dog, reading books, going out for meals and meeting my friends in the pub.

Miss Stevens

Role at Pinewood: Science Teacher and Year 7 Form Tutor

Favourite Science Topic: Space, Neutralisation reactions and Digestion – particularly the gut-wrenching demo!

Most embarrassing moment when teaching Science: setting my hair on fire with a Bunsen Burner!!! ALWAYS tie your hair up!

Fun Fact about me: Before I started working at Pinewood, I taught and worked in Australia for 7 years. Oh, and I am petrified of cows!

Hobbies/Interests: Running, Cycling, Art