Mr Chatfield – Head of TPE

Role at Pinewood: Head of TPE; Year 6 form tutor; History teacher

Favourite TPE Topic: I really enjoy discussing Philosophy in Year 8. It is amazing to hear some of the thoughts our pupils come up with at such a young age.

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: Whilst working in Kenya, taking Year 4 on a school safari to Lewa Conservancy.

Hobbies: Playing cricket for Wilcot, flying light aircraft and attending Metal concerts!

Jack.chatfield 1


Mrs Birch

Role at Pinewood: Year 3 form tutor; Year 6 English Teacher

Favourite TPE topic: Roman Gods – the children love learning about them!

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: The start of the new school year is always really exciting with a new class and the children are always so excited to be back.

Hobbies: Reading, walking my dog, cooking for my family, running and yoga

Mrs Damiani

Role at Pinewood: Head of Classics; TPE & French Teacher

Favourite TPE Topic: Buddhism

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: Year 8 surprising me by hiding and jumping out when I walked into the classroom!

Hobbies: Travelling and trying out new recipes.

Emiliana Damiani

Ms Doscher

Role at Pinewood: TPE & Music Teacher; Yoga Activity

Favourite TPE Topic: Buddhism

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: Current Year 8 children writing and performing raps about Bible stories in Year 6!

Hobbies: Singing, Yoga

Mrs Hughes

Role at Pinewood: TPE Teacher, Head of History, Year 8 Form Tutor

Favourite TPE topic: The Humanities Fair project in Year 8

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: Being a History teacher I have been incredibly privileged to be able to visit some incredible and fascinating places with my students and experience hands on history – these are probably the stand out moments for me. From the Medieval city of Carcassonne in the South of France to sketching in the ruins of Pompeii on the Pinewood Arts Tour, to sitting in on a Commons debate in the Houses of Parliament (Year 8 scholars’ trip) – all have been incredible!

Hobbies: Volunteering in dog rescue, walking with my dogs, long distance trail walking, baking (and eating!), gardening, visiting historic places and museums, travelling.

Mrs Lawson

Role at Pinewood: Year 3 Form Tutor; English and Humanities Teacher

Favourite TPE Topic: Easter story – this is a special story for me, and with Year 4 we do some really powerful drama which delivers the message really well.

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: a child climbing on top of a high cupboard and refusing to come down in my first year of teaching in an inner city school! I have loved teaching but I’m afraid that most of the memorable moments are ones I would rather forget!

Hobbies: cooking, walking, singing, planning holidays!

Mr Newcome

Role at Pinewood: Science & TPE Teacher; Year 7 Form Tutor

Favourite TPE Topic: ‘Dangerous Journey’ (aka. Pilgrim’s Progress) – Bunyan at his best!

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: Meditation with a Year 6 class who were either very Zen or very asleep!

Hobbies: Drama – “All the world’s a stage” or at least a classroom certainly feels like it at times! Sport (to play & watch) – all and any of it. Having had to hang up my rugby boots prematurely due to injury I now love playing tennis. I am currently trying to master triathlon (which largely seems to involve spending far too much on bike parts) and will be attempting IronMan Nice in June – fingers crossed.


Emma Price
Mrs Price

Role at Pinewood: Year 4 Form Tutor; English & Humanities Teacher; Learning Skills

Favourite TPE topic: I love the discussions that are coming from studying Buddhism with Year 6!

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: There have been many, but the first time I watched children I had taught in Year 1 at Pinewood graduating from Year 8 on Speech Day was very special – they were so tall!

Hobbies: Reading, walking, music & theatre

Mrs Wright

Role at Pinewood: TPE & English Teacher plus bits and pieces of music and drama

Favourite TPE Topic: Anything biblical

Most memorable moment from my teaching career: Year 7 a few years back gave me a birthday surprise complete with balloons, specially composed song, cupcakes and card! Year 8 (post CE) and I performed our own rap at Curtain Call – not a dignified moment!

Hobbies outside of school: harping, knitting, quilting, cycling, reading, cooking