The School Day

Our timetable is such that it runs for the whole year without variation.


The morning is divided into six 35 minute lessons, arranged in tranches of two with a five minute changeover in between.  Wednesday morning runs to a slightly different schedule which allows for early departure to away matches, and there is no prep.  Thursday afternoons are given over to activities instead of games.  Children are free to go home after matches.  Pick up for day pupils is at 4.20pm, 5.30pm or 6.30pm.  The 4.20pm and 5.30pm pick-ups tie in with the Pre-Prep after school club, Ladybirds, where the sessions end at 4.10pm and 5.10pm respectively.  Prep pupils leaving at 4.20pm will have prep to take home with them.


Saturday school takes place on alternate weekends for Years 5-8. Pupils attend our weekly chapel service in Bourton Church at 8.30am, when we will often have a visiting preacher from a senior school. Chapel is followed by assembly, three lessons, break at 11.10am and then our kaleidoscope programme at 11.30am in the Theatre; this might be a lecture on a wide variety of topics, a concert or a debate (parents are welcome to attend these events). After lunch, the afternoon is given over to matches (usually starting at 2.30pm) or games lessons.  Pupils are free to go home at 4pm, unless they are at an away match, in which case return times are always published on team sheets.

Monday – Friday (except Wednesdays)

8.15am           Registration
(arrival is from 7.50am, late registration must always be
through the school office.)
8.20                 Period 1
9.05                 Period 2
9.40                 Assembly
10.10               Period 3
10.45               Period 4
11.25               Break
11.55               Period 5
12.30pm         Period 6 / Lower School Lunch
13.00               Lunch is staggered for Middle & Upper School
13.55               Period 7 and Lower School Games
14.35               Period 8 and Lower School Games
15.00               Little Tea for Lower School
15.10               Period 7 for Lower School; Middle & Upper School Games
15.40               Period 8 for Lower School; Middle & Upper School Games
16.15               Tea & Lower School pick up
16.35               Prep for Years 5-8;
activities for Lower School staying at school
17.30               Free time / activities (or CE revision in the summer)
18.30               Final pick up for day pupils and boarders’ supper.

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