‘Animals’ Art Competition Results

art 2

The entries for the most recent art competition on the theme “Animals” were really excellent. I think it was the most impressive selection to date with some fantastic sculpture as well as flat pictures in an impressive range of media and styles.

Voting across the school, including staff, produced conclusive, but very tight results:

5th place: Sienna Lawson for her drawing of a penguin with glitter snowflakes.

4th place:  Alex Taylor for his colour pencil drawing of a squirrel.

3rd place:  Olivia Lawson for her multi- coloured drawing of a hare or rabbit face.

2nd place:  Darci Reeve for her black and white drawing of a horse.

1st place: Catherine Gedney for her superb canvas of a sleeping dog.

I thought you would be interested to hear some of the staff choices that did not feature on the above list:

Nurse Ruth selected Carmen Ritchie’s octopus sculpture as her favourite piece.

Mr A-G chose Marina Prichard Jones’ superb elephant sculpture.

Mr Vaughan voted for Finley Stevens’ drawing of a turtle

My own selection was Bradley Everson’s scene with walking giraffes.

It was wonderful to see entries from Years 3 to 7 and everyone is to be congratulated for their enthusiasm and talent.

The new theme is, “Portrait of the Artist.”

It can be a self-portrait, a portrait of a famous artist, or a portrait of someone made in the style of a famous artist. Sculptures are of course acceptable, as are manipulated photographs and collages.

The closing date is the end of the first week back at school after the Easter holiday (24th April), so do encourage your children to get busy.


Winning entries and some of the other entries from the competition can be found in Photo Galleries.