Big Battery Hunt Champions!

Jamie MW collects 351 batteries March 18 006

Well done to Jamie (Year 4), who has collected an astonishing 351 batteries as part of the Big Battery Hunt!

Lowenna (Year 3) collected batteries from her neighbours in exchange for cupcakes.  Everyone on her street was delighted as she saved them a recycling job AND filled their tummies.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to encourage Pinewood pupils to be responsible citizens; caring for each other and our environment.   As part of our effort to protect the environment we are taking part in the Big Battery Hunt by collecting used batteries for recycling.  This helps to prevent harmful and long lasting batteries ending up in landfill and saves energy when producing more batteries.

Each child has been given a battery collection box and pupil activity booklet.  Please help your child to collect any used AAA, AA, C or D batteries in the box and give them to their Science teacher by Friday 20th April .  Each child should tally up how many batteries they have collected and there will be prizes for the best collectors.