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U16 Old Pinewoodian Rugby v St Hugh’s

rugby 9

It was a bitterly cold afternoon, but both teams had a good crowd of supporters. Most of the St Hugh’s squad were at Pinewood before the first Old Pinewoodian was spotted; in fact the last four players arrived less than five minutes before kick-off. St Hugh’s had 12 players whilst we had a squad of fourteen, but neither side had props so the scrums were uncontested. 

As is normal with Pinewood it took them a while before they realized they were in a match. They made a good charge from the kick-off, but they had failed to register that with only 12-a-side there was no fullback. St Hugh’s kicked over the top and ran in the simplest of tries to take a 7 point lead. The Old Pinewoodian squad played well under the leadership of Will Fish, while Rory Hipwell, Joe Pittams and Tommy Cresswell made some excellent bullocking runs, but there was little, if any, support play and the ball was normally turned over. Eventually one of the charges from a short range penalty helped notch up our first points, but St Hugh’s immediately retaliated and ran in a well-worked try. After some excellent passing we clawed pack to 10-12 at the half-time break. The backs seemed to come alive late in the first half and Hugh Rayner, Alex King, Ted Slater, Freddie Hall, Will, and Rory started moving the ball.

I had a few words at half time and stressed the importance of having a man on the shoulder and requested a try in the first few minutes. Right from kick-off, which we followed up well, a St Hugh’s player misfielded the ball and we ran in a try in under 30 seconds from the restart! Our pack was now starting to dominate in the loose and support players were clearly in evidence. Theo Taylor seemed to have latched on to Rory and he was also well supported by Tighe Handley, Dom Hutchinson, George Tregoning and Oliver Crossfield. The Old Pinewoodians seemed to be starting to take control of the match, they repelled a couple of good attacks from St Hugh’s and worked up the pitch. Some of the St Hugh’s players were obviously getting frustrated and there were a couple of off the ball incidents, unfortunately this led to a Pinewood player swinging a fist. The player was taken off and so we were down to 11 players. This woke the players up and finally they really took command of the match and ran in three excellent tries in the next twelve minutes to win 32-12.

Our thanks go to Will Packer from Cheltenham College who kindly and efficiently refereed the match, Xenia for administering first aid, the ground staff for preparing the pitch, the kitchens for serving tea to all the players and the crowd of supporters.

The Old Pinewoodian Squad: Dom Hutchinson, George Tregoning, Oliver Crossfield, Hugh Rayner, Ben Ryder, Tighe Handley, Joe Pittams, Alex King, Freddie Hall, Tommy Cresswell, Rory Hipwell, Theo Tayor, Ted Slater and Will Fish.


To view photos from the Old Pinewoodian rugby and hockey matches, please go to the Photo Galleries

Year 8 Christmaths Challenge

Old Pinewoodian Magazine

Year 8’s took part in the second Christmaths Challenge on Monday. After an initial science round, the teams of 3 or 4 took part in a Maths relay race through 30 challenging and thought provoking questions. The following teams won prizes:

First Prize: Molly, Jemima P and Alexander

Second Prize: Connie, Jemima N, Nina and Isabelle

Third Prize: Dan, Ned C, Finn

Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to Mr Benbow, Mr Smith, Mrs Lyon Taylor and Miss Poyntz for helping out.

Here is an example question for you to have a go at – solutions to

Rudolph jogs the first and second lap of a race at 3km/h, and runs the third lap at 6km/h. What was his average speed for whole race?


Christmas Fair

fair 3

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us on the day, it was a really wonderful event.

We are thrilled to announce that we raised the fantastic sum of £7896.95. This will go towards Friends of Pinewood funded projects in the school and our annual charitable donations; this year we are pleased to be supporting Splash Wiltshire, Bags4Sport and Shonda.

Friends of Pinewood


Shonda Collection at ‘Macbeth’

play 6

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to our collections in aid of the Shonda Project at the end of the Year 7 performances of ‘Macbeth’. We are very pleased to have raised £222.47 through these collections for Shonda.

For more information on the Shonda Project, our link school in Kenya, please go to:

Photos from the wonderful Year 7 production can now be viewed in the Photo Gallery.

23rd Annual Pinewood 7s Tournament

rugby 1

Fifteen teams competed for the Steggall Trophy. The standard of Rugby was amazingly high and after the group stage the top eight played for the trophy and the remaining group played for the plate.

The plate competition final was between Prior Park and Christ Church Cathedral School and after a wonderful battle CCCS won the close fought tussle. Having entered a team every year the tournament has been running this was the first time CCCS have ever reached either final. The main competition had some wonderful matches; one of the best being between Cheam and Winchester House which had to have two periods of extra time before a winner was found. The final was between Beaudesert and Cheltenham College Prep School and this tussle was a nail biting affair and went from end to end of the pitch before Cheltenham stole the match. Our grateful thanks go to the Public School masters who found the time to visit Pinewood and referee, the Pinewood ground staff, nurses and catering staff who all helped make the Tournament such a success.

Sadly due to new RFU regulations this may well be the last time this tournament can take place in its present guise.

Please go to the Photo Gallery for more photos from the tournament.

Riding Success!

West Midlands and Wales regional NSEA winners crop

Congratulations to the Pinewood Equestrian team of Daisy, Serena, Mahony and Faith, who won the West Midlands and Wales regional NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) finals on Sunday, jumping a course of 60cms at grass roots level with 0 penalties.


Art Competition

Autumn Art Competition Nov 14 014

Congratulations to all pupils who entered the competition with pictures based on Autumn, harvest, farming and gardens. The winners were chosen this time by Mr Minter and Mrs Harrison:

Year 3: 1st Prize – Lottie Jordan

Year 3: 2nd Prize – Eli Benbow

Year 4: 1st Prize – Tara Lockhart

Year 5: 1st Prize – Mahony Knight

Year 5: 2nd Prize – Marina Prichard Jones

Year 7: 1st Prize – Dorothy Johnstone

Year 8: 1st Prize – Sam Basham

Year 8: 2nd Prize – Ella Hall

Photos of the winning entries can be viewed in Photo Galleries.

The new theme is “TRANSPORT”. Cars, trains, boats and planes.

Any sort of art work is allowed. The closing date is the last day of term and a new theme will run across the Christmas holiday.

Parents: Please encourage your children to take part in the Art Competitions, it is a great way for them to build up their art portfolios, as well as doing something creative in their free time.


Year 4 Visit to the Living Rainforest

rainforest 13

When we went to the Living Rainforest we saw a Blue Morpho butterfly.  It was beautiful with bright blue wings.  Its camouflage was on the other side.  It looked like a leaf.  We also saw a toucan.  Its adaptation was its special talons so it could hop when it didn’t have much room to fly. 

My favourite bit was seeing the python yawn.  It was called Lenny.  Its adaptation was it would squeeze your tummy until you stop breathing.  There were also some really big fish, they were omnivores like us and they also had teeth like us.  There was a sloth, but we couldn’t see it.  It eats upside down, it sleeps upside down, but it goes to the loo the right way up!  On our journey we also saw a poison dart frog.  Its poisonous skin could kill you if you touch it.

By Finian Kennedy

Once we were in there it was humid and our guide showed us the toucans and the Agouti.  We also saw a salmon pink bird-eating spider.  After that we saw a scorpion and then we saw some baby Goeldi monkeys and they were so cute.  The next thing we saw was some cockroaches and they were really big. Then we saw an African snail and their shells were big. We saw some pitcher plants, which have nectar around their frame so the bugs go and eat the nectar and then they slip in the plant and go to the bottom of the pitcher plant. The bugs cannot get out because the walls will be slippery and then finally the pitcher plant digests the bug.  The next thing we saw was a vanilla plant and they are so beautiful and nice.

By Florence Piggott

To view more photos from trip, please go to the Photo Gallery

Cheltenham College Year 6 Leadership Challenge

cheltenham 3

As we drew in to Cheltenham College, we were greeted and shown inside to the dining hall. There was a hot chocolate machine which made delicious chocolate.  After that, we were briefed in the sports hall on what would happen.

First was “Amazing Poncho”. We chose Bo as our leader, as she knew how to do this – we had to try and get over to the other side without touching the floor, only the canvas. We made excellent time. Next was the Three-Legged-Challenge, in which we were roped together, holding a deflated rugby ball between our hips; Dan and George O-E were quickest with their amazing technique.

After that was “Poisonous Swamp,” where we had to cross to the other side without touching the floor, we were given two mats, which we used to make a time of over 10 minutes. Our technique wasn’t too good until the end, when we figured out how to do it quickly. Next came the “Skipping Rope Challenge,” where we have to try and jump as many jumps as possible without tripping on the rope. Bo and George had a good technique, which everyone copied to score 130 jumps!

The activity next was “Blind Leading Blind,” where we were all blindfolded except for one person. We were told to go through a maze, following the person in front by kicking their heels. The leader told us where to go, when to turn and what to do. Then we did a game where you had to put together a wooden cross. The first time, we took 1.46 minutes. The third time it took 1/10 of a second.

Next, “Kim’s game,” was where we had to remember as many things as possible. I remembered the number plate, with the numbers on them. We remembered almost all of them, but forgot the batteries. Then it was Jenga, then moving tyres, in order, from one cone to another. Each tyre had a number painted on them. A small number could not have a large number on top. We managed to do it once, but not on the way back.

After that it was a spider web. The smallest people were picked up and shoved through the top holes, while people on the other side caught them. Then we did “The Shuttlecock Challenge,” when someone stood on the other side of a tennis net with a bin on their heads, the aim being to hit as many of the 27 shuttlecocks into the bin.

The final challenge was “Pass The Bomb,” which was a weight filled with water in the middle of a rope circle and the only equipment we had was a rope and two plastic pipes. After trying to twist the rope round the weight and lifting it, we gave up and twisted the rope around and threaded a plastic pipe onto the ropes. We finally managed to lift it.

We went back to the dining hall and waited for the results. After begging Mr Downe to let us have one, he said yes to hot chocolate. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but we got a goody bag filled with Cheltenham Leadership t-shirts and mini pompom animals, including an owl,a bee, Rudolph and a sheep.

Thank you very much to Cheltenham College and Mr Downe for taking us.

By Alicia Neilson

For photos from the day please go to the Photo Gallery.

Friends of Pinewood Bonfire Night

bonfire 30

A huge thank you to everyone who attended Bonfire Night and to all those wonderful people who helped us on the night.

We are delighted to announce that we have raised the fantastic sum of just under £3,000, which will go towards FOP fundraising projects in the school and our charitable donation for the year.

For photos from the evening, please go to Photo Galleries.