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Whole School Photograph

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Orders need to be placed by 2nd August 2017, orders placed after this date may incur a late charge.  Copies of the order form are available on the Hall table and from the Pre-Prep Office.

Pinewood Year 8 Science Fair

science 14

This was the fourth Science Fair that we had held for the Year 8 leavers.  Since their return from their trip to France Year 8 have been working in small groups on independent science projects, investigating an area of science that appealed to them.  This year the variety of projects was extraordinary, ranging from making slime, launching match head rockets and finding out the quickest way to move an After Eight chocolate mint from your forehead to mouth!

Within a relatively short time each group had to organise their equipment, carry out the experiment, collect and interpret results and produce a display board.  The display boards allowed the pupils to show their understanding of the projects and principles of scientific investigation.

At the fair each group had to discuss their project with our judging panel of senior school science department heads: Dr Chris Flaherty, Head of Science from Cokethorpe, Mrs Phaedra Gowen, Housemistress at St Edward’s, Oxford, Dr Alix Waine, Head of Chemistry and Mrs Louise Carter, Housemistress and Head of Biology, both from Stowe. The judges were really impressed by the originality of the projects and enthusiasm of our pupils when describing what they had done and found out.  The display boards were well presented and provided a visual reminder of what had been done.  As always the judges made suggestions and pointers on how the projects could have been improved, but all the pupils spoke with confidence about variables, fair testing and what investigations they would like to do in the future.

Prize Winners

Best overall project:

How Haribo sweets, RedBull and exercise affect the rate of reaction?

Lara Capps, Nathan McAvoy, Nora MW and Sasha Wolcough

Best display board:

How temperature and age affect how quickly you can move an After 8 chocolate mint from your forehead to mouth.

Ollie Samuel, Lizie Birch and Amelia Stevens

Best verbal presentation:

How different volumes of glue affect the bounciness of a ball

Luca Malikov, Josh Tate and Hugo Lawson

Mr King and I were delighted with the way in which all the pupils approached the challenge and worked diligently into their last week at Pinewood.  All deserve congratulations for their efforts. Well done! We are also extremely grateful to our judges for coming to Pinewood and putting the children through their paces.  We hope that the Science Fair experience is one of the many special Pinewood memories that the children take with them as the leave us for the challenges of senior school.


For more photos from the Science Fair, please go to the photo gallery.

Year 8 Leavers Trip: Day 5


“After breakfast, my group went to the rafting place. This time, the instructor let me captain the boat for a bit and in the first few minutes we got stuck in some rocks! Then we came back and had lunch, after which it was my group’s turn to do the “fine dining” challenge. We went shopping for a bit and came back and played table football. Then I went with some of the others to the sports hall and played football. We had a penalty shootout before we came back.”

Nathaniel Ramsay

Tonight, we get to sample the fruits of the children’s labours in terms of the dining challenge. Tomorrow is another travelling day; we have some worn out children but they are all thoroughly enjoying the Leavers’ Trip!


For more photos from the trip, please go to the Photo Gallery.

Year 8 Leavers Trip: Day 4


“Today has to be my most memorable day! I woke up this morning anxious about the challenges to come because I am not very good with heights. Our first activity was high ropes! At the beginning, I was racked with fear but after a few daunting zip wires and bridges I had overcome my fear. After that I was completely ready to go on the 100m zip wire. We then had a packed lunch in a grassy picnic area consisting of  cheesy baguette and a granola bar. Our second activity was climbing. After my previous experience, I was able to climb without any trouble! I was in a group with Lily P and Bo. While climbing, I even saw a snake that was sleeping in one of the rocks; luckily, I noticed it before I trod on it (it was harmless!). The coach journey was an hour to get back to the hostel and we were all very tired!”

Milly Thompson

Tomorrow, we are back whitewater rafting and then on to the “Cooking Challenge”! A pub quiz tonight to test out their knowledge of the local area, sports and France!


For more photos from the trip please go to Photo Gallery.

Year 8 Leavers Trip to the Pyrenees: Day 3


“We had an extra early start to the day and woke up at 7:10am. We needed to grow into our shoes and feel what our backpacks were like. We then had breakfast and were ready to go! We took a coach to the starting place for our 24km walk. We all started off thinking that it would be a walk in the park (pardon the pun); then soon there was a sudden increase in the slope and the pain started to get to all of us. I kept on thinking that there was only one hour to go when really there were 8 hours for the whole walk. 3 hours past and we were nearly at lunch. We finally managed to get to Lac du Bethmale and the view was the most beautiful view in my whole life. We had lunch and we were off again. Raff, Matt and I were playing games to try and forget how long we had to go. Without realising, we were only 5km away and all the adrenaline kicked in. We made it as fast as we could back to the hostel and finished our 24km walk!”

Daniel Lockhart.

The hottest day I’ve ever had in the Pyrenees, but the children were so resilient and got on with it. All a bit tired, but safely back and ready for a trip to town before dinner. We’re off to the the high ropes tomorrrow and rock climbing – an equally adrenaline filled day!


For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.

Year 8 Leavers’ Trip to the Pyrenees: Day 2


“Just finished washing my hair because… wait for it… I went whitewater rafting! It was so much fun – I went in the “safe” boat with Parris, which wasn’t actually the safe boat, because we were all pushed in anyway! But we didn’t flip over, which was very good. Someone tried to push me off the raft but my foot was so secure in the strap that my head went in and I bobbed back up. Eventually I did go in…Anyway, this morning, after breakfast, we did a kit check for the walk tomorrow and then we decided who was running and who was playing football for the inter-team village challenge. I was chosen to play football which was so much fun; however, my team, Superdry, lost 5 – 4. Today has been really fun.” Darci Reeve

Tomorrow is the day of the big walk – 27km or so. The weather is very hot, but all children are having a great time so far. Lots of “best trip ever” being heard!


For more photos from the trip so far, please go to the Photo Gallery.

Year 8 Leavers’ Trip to the Pyrenees: Day 1


We had a good journey down to Seix, followed by a stroll through the village and then we celebrated two birthdays!

It’s very hot here, 35 degrees in Toulouse and not much cooler in the mountains.

Everyone is excited about white water rafting tomorrow (Monday) and the chance for a few team games in the village.

Athletics Success!

St Hugh's Year 5 & 6 Athletics June 17 3

Congratulations to our Year 5 & 6 Boys and Girls Athletics teams, who both came first at the St Hugh’s meeting on Saturday.

We also had some fantastic individual results:

Year 5:

Gold – Harriett Howell

Silver – Melissa Watson

Gold – George Lawson

Silver – Rex Knight

Year 6:

Bronze – Ollie Winsor

Bronze – Minnie Fletcher

Silver- Alfie Blackett

Year 8 Scholars’ Trip to Devon & Cornwall

scholars trip 7

I felt a little guilty organising a trip to the coast for the scholars whilst the rest of the school were doing exams. As the wind howled, the minibus wobbled and the rain beat down on the M5, it did not feel like such a treat after all! Fortunately the weather improved after our stop in Taunton, though the lunch stop on Dartmoor at Postbridge was quite wild too. Postbridge is where the school was evacuated to during WW2 so it was fascinating to see the Pinewood dedicated pew in the church and the famous clapper bridge over the river.

Two more hours in the bus saw us reach Gorran Haven, a delightful little village beyond Mevagissey and a sheltered bay for a swim and a paddle. A short hop to the YHA at Boswinger, a hearty supper and a stroll down the hill to Hemmick beach which was beautifully rugged as the sea raged.

We had planned some water sports for the Wednesday, but it was still too windy; however, a delightful couple of hours were spent on the beach at Pentewan Sands where the scholars regressed to children, digging holes, collecting shells and playing French cricket. We used our water sports budget to go to Prezzo in St Austell instead! A civilised, relaxed lunch with lovely Italian food was had by all. As the rain began to fall, we headed indoors to the Eden Project. It was stunning as we wandered happily in the warm biomes. Many climbed to the suspended platform high above the plants; it is supposed to wobble and it did. I clung on!

The evening brought indoor games as the rain lashed down and our sea view had disappeared by the morning. Outdoor plans were again abandoned as we went to the cinema in Exeter on our return. ‘Wonder Woman’ was surprisingly entertaining ! We eventually returned to school having had to detour to avoid horrendous traffic. Adaptability had been key all trip.

My thanks to Mrs Hoyland and Miss Gye for their supportive presence at all times. The children were quite wonderful in their behaviour, flexibility and interaction.


For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.