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Pinewood Riding Success!


Well done to all our Pinewood riders, who have worked so hard recently and had some fantastic successes!

At last weekend’s NSEA Showjumping qualifiers the sun shone all day on the fortunes of the Pinewood competitors, including a significant number of debutantes. The teamwork and support between all the children and parents, irrespective of what teams they were in was brilliant, showing huge promise for the future.

Well done to the team of Otto, Freddie & Emilia S, who won the 40cm; in the 50cm there were lovely rounds from all the team (Grace W, Olive H, Otto S, Jessica R) leading to a team 2nd place. The 60cm team (Issy I, Lettie S, Grace W, Olive H) came 5th with a super speedy 2nd place overall for Charlotte R as an individual in a competitive class; we had brilliant representation from Pinewood in the 70cm with a team 3rd (Charlotte R, Issy I, Lettie S) and 5th (Annabel K, Willow B, Charlotte R); in the 75cm individual class Pinewood shone with Annabel K delivering a beautiful clear round, Willow B jumping really well and Charlotte R coming 3rd overall only by 0.11 second! Elizabeth H gave her all in the 70-75cm class and delivered a beautiful clear round in the 80cm. Amazing work from you all!

rectory farm
Charlotte Ramage

Pinewood also had an amazing day out at the Broadway SEG One Day Event. Bert & Arthur S did a great dressage; sadly they both had an unlucky pole showjumping, but a speedy clear cross-country in the 90 cm class; Harry V in the 90cm was leading after the showjumping on the best dressage out of a very competitive class, but had an unfortunate error in the cross-country, but then flew round, well done! Lola F had a successful day out in 80cm with an awesome clear in the cross-country; Oscar F had 2 rides in 90cm;  he came 4th on Toddy and 5th on Rosie; in the 80cm class Oscar did it again and picked up 5th on Pickle! It is unbelievable for such a young boy to have 3 rides in one day: two different dressage tests, 2 different showjumping and cross-country courses – sheer focus and dedication!

All the Pinewood riders should be very proud of themselves after a very busy and successful weekend!

Pinewood Cross Keys Super Cup

cross keys 23

Traditional fixtures may be on hold for the foreseeable future but competitive sport is very much still alive and well at Pinewood.  This September has seen the introduction of the inaugural Cross Keys Super Cup, where children in Years 5-8 have been divided into balanced, competitive teams and will be battling it out on the pitches over the course of the term.  Boys will be playing both rugby and football and girls will be playing hockey and netball.

“Pinewood very much views team sports as the bedrock of a Prep School Sports Department and we were keen to find a way to continue competitive matches in a safe and responsible manner,” said James Siebert, Director of Sport. “As with all sports at Pinewood, the Cross Keys Super Cup is an all-inclusive competition, giving every child the chance to get in involved.  Watching it reignite the enthusiasm and passion the children have for their sport has been fantastic.”

For more photos please click here.

Welcome Back!

Neal & Nici

We are excited to welcome you all back to Pinewood this term, and in particular we extend a very warm welcome to our new Head, Neal Bailey and his wife, Nicola, as well as all other new pupils and members of staff this term.

Year 3-8 Art Competition

Here are just some of the entries from our very talented children who were given the task of capturing what they will do first when lockdown is over!
It was so difficult to judge this competition as the work was very varied and not all children will have had access to lots of art materials.
We were so impressed and would like to congratulate everyone who entered!


Pinewood Virtual Learning Programme

IMG_3303 2 (002)

The Pinewood Virtual Learning Programme is now well into the third week of operation and we would like to thank everyone for all their support while this was put in place.  We are delighted to see the quality of work our pupils are producing and we are hugely proud of you all adjusting to this new way of learning.

Academic Scholarship News

Pinewood keys on gate

Congratulations to the following, who have received awards to their senior schools:

Josh P: Academic Scholarship – Abingdon

Melissa W: The Lord James of Hereford Academic Scholarship (awarded to an individual who exhibits all‑round academic excellence and performed the best overall in the scholarship papers.) – Cheltenham College

Fred D: Academic Exhibition – Cheltenham College

Randeep G: Academic Exhibition – Cheltenham College

Ellen B: Academic Exhibitions – Cheltenham College

Ollie P: Academic Exhibition – Sherborne Boys

They join the following, who have also received awards this year:

Eli B: Academic Exhibition – Sherborne Girls

Wizzy W: Sports Exhibition – Sherborne Girls

Elliot B: Drama Scholarship – Cheltenham College

Melissa W: Choral Scholarship – Cheltenham College

Jack W: Music Scholarship – Dean Close

Aoife S: Sports (Swimming) Scholarship – Dean Close

Grace C: Music Scholarship (11+) to George Watson’s College, Edinburgh

George L: Sports Scholarship to King’s Bruton

Otto C: Sports Scholarship to Marlborough College

Jack N: Sports Exhibition to Clayesmore

Melissa W: Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Rex K: Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Ellen B: Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Tilly B: Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Felicity F:  Sports Scholarship to Cokethorpe

Pinewood Success at St Hugh’s Riding Competition

winning team crop

Last weekend saw a lot of Pinewood children competing in the St Hugh’s Show Jumping competition. They all did extremely well and had a lot of fun, thankfully the weather was kind to everyone! Thank you to St Hugh’s, who put on an exceptional show, with fabulous cakes and prizes, a lot of which were won by Pinewood!!

A huge well done to all the riders, we are very proud of you, you all did tremendously well with the following fabulous results:

40cm: Jessica R gave it her best shot in the assisted class

50cm: Charlotte R had 4 faults

60cm: Team Blue (Lola F on 2 rides & Phoebe H) WON as a team with their speedy clear rounds, with an individual 4th for Lola and a 6th individual for Phoebe on Crunchie – well done girls!

60cm: Team Red (Bertie S, Charlotte, Lola & Oliver V) all had super clear rounds and came 2nd as a team

70cm: Team Pink (Lola, Phoebe, who had a 6th individually & Elizabeth H) all had fast clears to come 2nd as a team

70cm: Team Yellow (Lola – clear, Maddie S – 4 faults & Annabel K – clear & 4th individually) came 4th as a team

70cm: Team Green (Bertie – clear, Oliver V – clear & Isadora I – 4 faults), came 6th as a team – awesome results.

80cm: Annabel K – 4 faults.

On Sunday we also had the following successes:

80cm: Harry V came 2nd and Charlie S had a great clear round

90cm: Charlie – clear; Harry – 4 faults.

Well done to you all on a fantastic Pinewood effort!

To view more photos from the event, please go to the Photo Gallery.