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Year 3 Egyptian Art Project

Please provide your Year 3 child with an empty jam or marmalade jar or an empty Pringles tube with a lid by Friday  11th November. It will be used for an exciting Egyptian art project. Don’t forget to name your item and leave it in your form room ready for collection by Mrs Harrison.


Pre-Prep Jam Jar Request

Pre-Prep need a large number of Bonne Maman jam jars (see photo) for an upcoming art activity.  If you have any spare, we would be very grateful if you could bring clean, empty jars with no labels or lids to  the Pre-Prep Office as soon as possible.


Summer Holiday Diary Competition

This year the holiday diary competition will be open to Years 5-7. Keeping a holiday diary is a great way to remember your summer holidays, and it can become a precious keepsake in years to come.

Fill your diary with events from the day, drawings, photographs, postcards, even maps and ticket stubs. See if you can write an entry in a foreign language! Have a go at composing a poem, or fill us in on that week’s news. It is yours to do with as you like. Hand it in at the beginning of next term to be considered for the house Holiday Diary Cup and other prizes.

Any child that is seriously interested in doing a diary will be given a free hardback notebook to use. Remember, it is a commitment you make, so think it through before asking for a notebook. Tell your English teacher or Miss Gye by Tuesday if interested.


Year 4 Play ‘The Jungle Book’ DVDs

Following the filming of the Year 4 play The Jungle Book earlier this term I am pleased to announce that DVD copies are now available to buy at a cost of £5 per copy.  These DVDs are a wonderful memento of a super production and ringing endorsement of all the effort the children put into the production.  I extend my sincere thanks again to Mrs Wordsworth for organising this recording.

To avoid wastage, we will be burning DVDs to order.  If you would like to make a purchase please let me know how many copies you would like. DVDs will be sent home with children as soon as they are ready and the cost will be added to your end of Autumn Term bill.  Money raised from sales of the DVD will be donated to charity.  Please send your order request to


Team, Choir & Year 8 Photos

Team, Choir and Year 8 photos from this year can now be ordered, by going to:

You will need to enter the Photo ID: VbLJWd49 and the Photo Key:  KaZNYTh7

By creating an account at this time you will also have access to the archive of School Photographs Pinewood photos from the past 2 years and will be notified in future when new photos are added. If you already have a School Photographs account, but have not registered the archive to this account, please log in and enter the Photo ID and Key detailed above in the “Add a photo to your account” box.


Second Hand Uniform Donations to the School Shop

Parents are very welcome to donate second hand uniform items in a nearly new condition for sale in the School Shop.

Please be aware that the Shop reserves the right to dispose of any items which are deemed not to be in a “nearly new” and saleable condition.  These items will be donated to the Shonda Project or to a charity recycling scheme at the school’s discretion.

The Shop will be cleared of any second-hand items which we are unable to sell at the end of this term and these items will be donated to charity.  If you have brought in items and would prefer to collect them yourself rather than them being donated to charity please do contact Nicola and she will be pleased to help.

Thank you so much for your co-operation.


Birthday Cakes – Allergy Awareness

If your child brings a cake into school for their birthday please be aware of children with food allergies and for all homemade cakes please provide a list of ingredients. Remember also that we are a NUT & CINNAMON FREE SCHOOL – no food containing nuts or cinnamon should ever be brought into school.

All cakes must be handed to your child’s form taker.

Thank you very much for your understanding in this.