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Golden Rules Posters for Pre-Prep Playground

posters 3

The Pre-Prep Pupil Council set up a class task to design posters for Top Field that would reflect the Pre-Prep Golden Rules (Be honest; Listen to people; Be kind and gentle; Be helpful and polite; Work hard and do your best; Look after property and share with others). They then selected 4 posters which they felt would look the most effective if they were blown up to a larger size and more importantly the posters which would send a good message to children playing on Top Field.

The 4 posters were sent off to a firm who have put them onto weather proof boards and they are now up on the field near the big clock. Please do go and have a look at them!

You can also see all 4 posters by going to the Photo Gallery.

Pre-Prep Nature Watch Photography Competition

Pre-Prep Nature Watch Photo Competition Feb 18 001 news

Well done to all the Pre-Prep children who took part in the recent Nature Watch Photography Competition. The children were asked to take a beautiful photo capturing nature in our environment; they also had to be involved in uploading and printing the photo to develop their art and ICT skills.

There were so many wonderful entries, which are now on display in the Pre-Prep. Congratulations to the ten Star Award winners, whose photos will be framed and displayed at the Pre-Prep Summer Art Exhibition.

Pre-Prep Nature Watch Photo Competition Feb 18 002 news