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Year 1 Trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park

cotswold 13

On a bright October day, the Year One children went on their first ever school trip, to the Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford. The excitement of a coach journey was overwhelming, with many children using words such as ‘awesome’ and ‘cool’ before we even got to the park. The children delighted in watching the penguins being fed and going into the Madagascar enclosure, with many lemurs basking in the sunshine and birds flying up above. The new additions to the Wildlife Park, three lion cubs, were adored by all, and the children were able to watch a giraffe eating hay from very close proximity. The train journey around the park allowed the children to see many of the animals as well as the opportunity to wave at the general public!  The children also had the opportunity to listen to a talk given by a Keeper on ‘owls’, learning about the significance of the colour of owl eyes. We are very lucky that Friends Of Pinewood sponsor some of the endangered species at the park, and we were able to see both the Humboldt penguins and the Morelets crocodile, two of the animals sponsored by FOP. A fun day was had by all!

For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.

Pre-Prep Nature Watch Spring Photography Art Competition

photo 6

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Pre-Prep Nature Watch Competition, there were some stunning entries and it was very difficult for the judges to pick the winners, who will be presented with certificates and have their winning entries framed and on display at the Summer Art Exhibition. The brief this year was to take a photo of an animal in its natural habitat.

The top ten were:

Wilfred Makin – Nursery

Aarvin Thati – Reception

Edward Hills – Reception

Bertie Smail – Reception

Louis Lopes – Year 1

Thomas King – Year 1

Bea Howell – Year 2

Isabella Ritchie – Year 2

Rose Evans-Freke – Year 2

Benedict Powell-Turner – Year 2

Photos of the winning entries can be seen in the Photo Galleries.


Year 2 Electricity Day

electricity 11

In Year 2 we had an Electricity Day. In the morning we went to the Prep School Science labs. Mrs Lyon Taylor, Mrs Hunt and some of the Year 7 children showed us how circuits work by making a human circuit using sweets as energy! We also made our own LED torches, which we were allowed to take home. Back in our classrooms we made and tested lots of different circuits using bulbs, wires, batteries, motors and buzzers. In the afternoon we read a story about two aliens, called Zola and Zilo, who visited planet Earth to get their broken milkshake machine working. They met some children who used their knowledge of electricity and circuits to repair the milkshake machine. We also used energy sticks to make a human circle of electricity. When we all held hands and made a complete human circuit, the energy sticks’ lights flashed and buzzed. We had a great electricity day!

Zoe Cameron and Jamie Majlund-Wilkinson

Pre-Prep ‘Living Eggs’ Chick Hatching Programme

chicks 9

Pre-Prep had a very special delivery recently of ten warm fertilised chick eggs as part of the ‘Living Eggs Programme. The eggs were  placed inside an incubator where the children (with great excitement) experienced watching the chicks hatch. Through the programme the children learnt about the life cycle of the chicken and discussed how to look after them, including gentle hands, water, food and warmth. They loved observing their behaviours and even got to stroke them, or hold them in their hands if they wanted to.

The chicks stayed in school for two weeks and have now gone to happy new homes within the Pinewood community.

For more photos please go to the Photo Gallery.

Pre-Prep ‘Caring For The Environment’ Wow Days

wow 21

Pre-Prep had a fun time learning about and exploring the outside environment. The children talked about what they find in their gardens at home and explored the Pre-Prep gardens with all their senses. The Nursery and Reception children especially enjoyed the smelly garden and enjoyed picking the leaves, rubbing them between their fingers and identifying the smells of different plants. Year 1 and 2 explored their sensory gardens and began thinking about designs for a new garden and what their perfect garden would look like. The children measured and drew plans of the gardens. They researched the type of plants and features they would like to include in their new gardens and started to draw designs.

During the Wow days all of the children enjoyed walks around the Pre-Prep Nature Trail, which involved looking at and discussing different types of trees found within the school grounds. The children really enjoyed guessing why the Wellingtonia was tilting, seeing if they could all fit on the old tree trunk and guessing the age of the old Oak tree.

For more photos from the Wow Days please go to the Photo Gallery.

Year 2 Visit to Sheepdrove Organic Farm

sheepdrove 4

On Tuesday 17th March we came to school very excited about our trip to Sheepdrove Organic Farm.

When we arrived Meg the farmer showed us into the farm’s kitchen. We made delicious pizzas made from food that was grown and produced on the farm. The dough was made from wheat and the ham came from the farm’s pigs.

After making the pizzas we went on a tractor and trailer tour around the farm. During the ride we were shown all the different ways the land on the farm was used. Some of the land was used for grazing their 2000 sheep and 400 cows and some of the fields were for growing crops like wheat and barley.

We had lunch and then played on a big hill, it was great fun! Finally we went on a walk and visited the pigs and their piglets in the woods, they were very cute! We also visited the cows and calves, one of the calves was only 2 hours old. We had to be very quiet so we did not scare it. Meg told us how they look after the animals and about their life cycles.

We had a great day and the pizzas were delicious when we ate them for supper!

By Oscar Fitzgerald and Hector French

For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.

DT Group Create New Seating For Pre-Prep Fairy Circle

Bench 2

The DT scholars and DT activity group spent last Thursday afternoon with Chris Wood of Wood Art Work creating a wonderful new seating area for Pre-Prep in their story telling Fairy Circle.

The group used wood from a fallen oak tree from the Pinewood grounds and spent the afternoon sawing, shaping, sanding, drilling and screwing to create the three benches.

The DT scholars and activity group really enjoyed the afternoon and the opportunity to put their DT skills into practical use. Pre-Prep were thrilled with the new benches, which will replace the current logs used for seating in the Fairy Circle.

To view more photos please go to the Photo Gallery.

Pre-Prep Visit by Author Andrew Weale

author 7

On Tuesday Andrew Weale came to visit Pre-Prep. He read us one of his books, ‘Spooky, Spooky House’ and then we made an audio book of ‘Spooky, Spooky House’. He also showed us a video about ‘Dinosaur Doo’. My favourite part was when he said his name backwards: Elaew Werdna. He asked us questions about his books and the names of dinosaurs.

By Aadi Tiwari

We made an audio book by doing actions and sounds. If we got a question right we got a colouring sheet. He showed us his name backwards, it looked very funny and it sounded very funny. We had to write our name in our favourite colour. After lunch we got to choose a book, it was signed by Andrew.

By Jecca Lyon Taylor

For more photos from Andrew Weale’s visit, please go to the Photo Gallery.

Nursery & Pre-Prep ‘Nature Watch’ Photography Competition

art 11

Well done to all the children who entered our annual photography art competition, we received some beautiful photographs, which are on display just inside Pre-Prep for all to see.

The theme of the competition was “Nature Watch” and the brief was to capture Nature in our environment and to be involved in the process of taking and uploading the photograph. The top ten entries will have their photos framed and exhibited at the Pre Prep Summer Art Exhibition.

Congratulations to the following, who received Star Awards for their entries:

Tom Ewing – Nursery

Arshiya Roy – Reception

Christina Paul – Reception

Jamie Till – Year One

Harry Vigors – Year One

Emily Payne – Year Two

Eliza Lopes – Year Two

Zara Lawson – Year Two

Eve Christopher – Year Two

Beatrix Andreen – Year Two

All the children who entered (59 in total)  received a certificate in assembly and the winning photos can be viewed in the Photo Gallery.