Pinewood Success At The Cheltenham College Year 6 Leadership Challenge

Challenge 5

8 pupils from Pinewood took part in the Cheltenham Leadership Challenge day. We arrived shortly after 10am and were soon getting involved in the first round of challenges. The children nominated a leader for each task and then had to work together to complete it. In the sports hall there were activities such as blind skittles, team skipping rope and the spiders web. For one activity, Team Stretch, I found myself without my shoes – but it was for a good cause because it enabled the Pinewood team to reach a little further!

After a super lunch, the team was back to the CCF part of the College for another 6 challenges. The most popular of these was the hula hoop challenge – how many times could the team get the hula hoop around a circle of the children with linked hands? Very exciting! They also had to finish a giant Red Cross puzzle and do some blind fishing!

At the prize giving, the children were delighted to receive medals for coming 3rd overall – a tremendous achievement and well-deserved!


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