Cheltenham College Year 6 Leadership Challenge

cheltenham 3

As we drew in to Cheltenham College, we were greeted and shown inside to the dining hall. There was a hot chocolate machine which made delicious chocolate.  After that, we were briefed in the sports hall on what would happen.

First was “Amazing Poncho”. We chose Bo as our leader, as she knew how to do this – we had to try and get over to the other side without touching the floor, only the canvas. We made excellent time. Next was the Three-Legged-Challenge, in which we were roped together, holding a deflated rugby ball between our hips; Dan and George O-E were quickest with their amazing technique.

After that was “Poisonous Swamp,” where we had to cross to the other side without touching the floor, we were given two mats, which we used to make a time of over 10 minutes. Our technique wasn’t too good until the end, when we figured out how to do it quickly. Next came the “Skipping Rope Challenge,” where we have to try and jump as many jumps as possible without tripping on the rope. Bo and George had a good technique, which everyone copied to score 130 jumps!

The activity next was “Blind Leading Blind,” where we were all blindfolded except for one person. We were told to go through a maze, following the person in front by kicking their heels. The leader told us where to go, when to turn and what to do. Then we did a game where you had to put together a wooden cross. The first time, we took 1.46 minutes. The third time it took 1/10 of a second.

Next, “Kim’s game,” was where we had to remember as many things as possible. I remembered the number plate, with the numbers on them. We remembered almost all of them, but forgot the batteries. Then it was Jenga, then moving tyres, in order, from one cone to another. Each tyre had a number painted on them. A small number could not have a large number on top. We managed to do it once, but not on the way back.

After that it was a spider web. The smallest people were picked up and shoved through the top holes, while people on the other side caught them. Then we did “The Shuttlecock Challenge,” when someone stood on the other side of a tennis net with a bin on their heads, the aim being to hit as many of the 27 shuttlecocks into the bin.

The final challenge was “Pass The Bomb,” which was a weight filled with water in the middle of a rope circle and the only equipment we had was a rope and two plastic pipes. After trying to twist the rope round the weight and lifting it, we gave up and twisted the rope around and threaded a plastic pipe onto the ropes. We finally managed to lift it.

We went back to the dining hall and waited for the results. After begging Mr Downe to let us have one, he said yes to hot chocolate. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but we got a goody bag filled with Cheltenham Leadership t-shirts and mini pompom animals, including an owl,a bee, Rudolph and a sheep.

Thank you very much to Cheltenham College and Mr Downe for taking us.

By Alicia Neilson

For photos from the day please go to the Photo Gallery.