‘Circles’ Art Competition

art 14

The winners of the art competition on the theme of circles were:

Year 3 – Jecca Lyon Taylor

Year 4 – Sophie Vaughan

Year 5 – Faith Jolleys

Year 6 – Olivia Vyvyan-Robinson

Year 7 – Darci Reeve

Year 8 – Dorothy Johnstone

The pictures are on the wall at the top of the stairs.

The theme for the next competition is The Sun and/or The Moon.

As well as pictures of landscapes featuring the sun or the moon, think about and research the symbols that have been used for the sun and moon throughout history. You could make a picture in the style of the  Mayans who worshiped the sun; you could make a picture of a sun god or moon god; Apollo was the Roman  God of the sun, but also the name of the mission that landed men on the moon; you could draw astronauts landing on the moon. Louis XIV of France, called himself the Roi Soleil  (Sun King) so you could draw him in all his elaborate clothes and jewels; you could draw a chinese garden seen through a moon gate (look up ‘moon gate’); you could draw a picture of the man in the moon.

What you do is completely up to you, but try to colour all the paper, don’t have a plain white paper background. Of course you can also enter three dimensional work and sculptures.

The closing date is  Tuesday 15th March.

For photos of entries and winners from the ‘Circles’ Art Competition, please go to the Gallery.