The Art department at Pinewood is a thriving, creative and exciting environment where pupils are encouraged to see themselves as artists.  Dedicated specialist staff lead highly structured lessons where basic skills are taught and developed so that pupils will have the confidence and ability to make rapid progress. We aim to instill a joy and passion for drawing, painting and three-dimensional work in an environment where pupils have an opportunity to extend their learning through their own ideas.

Observational drawing, painting, printing and modeling are the foundations of a sound syllabus. The full range of skills covered includes painting and various media for drawing in colour, a variety of printing techniques, clay sculpture and basic pottery techniques. Mixed media and 3D constructions. Pupils gradually learn how to improve the quality of their work and to make their own intelligent and informed decisions about how to move forward. They are allowed to develop within their capabilities, to learn from studying the work of established artist, and are encouraged to believe themselves capable of great things in art.

Talented and especially motivated pupils who show a real passion for the subject attend an extra class in Year 7 and 8, where they are encouraged to work more independently and to develop their own ideas. Over the 2 years, portfolios and sketch books are created to submit to schools for scholarship interviews which are usually held at the start of the Spring Term in Year 8.


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