Nici B
Mrs Bailey

What is your role at Pinewood? I am the Headmaster’s Wife and feel extremely lucky to have the chance to teach Art again, which is how my career working in schools started.

What do you love most about teaching Art? Teaching Art is the most wonderfully unpredictable process. Observing how the pupils respond to the topic/artist/technique is fascinating and we can only hope to inspire them with confidence and interest. Sometimes the really great outcomes are deemed a mistake – I like to call them ‘happy accidents’.

Do you have any funny moments/special memories from teaching Art? Teaching art over Google Classroom has had its challenges, particularly when the children thought it might be an idea to drink the strong coffee solution they had made for painting, before putting brush to paper. It had mixed results!

Who is your favourite artist? I love so many artists but particularly the Impressionists, Brancusi, O’Keeffe and Kahlo. I also collect beautifully illustrated books, mostly about trees!

Do you have a favourite gallery/place to visit or a favourite work of art? I love visiting the galleries/art studios in Cornwall and, especially, wonderful contemporary paintings of the sea.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Being with my family, spending time by the sea, gardening and painting whenever there is a chance!

Mrs Causer

What is your role at Pinewood? I am a class teacher in Pre-Prep Tuesday to Friday and an Art teacher in Middle and Upper school on Monday. I feel very fortunate to work across the school, using my different areas of teaching expertise and catching up with some of my pupils as they move through the school.

What do you love most about teaching Art? I love teaching Art, it’s a subject that I have always been personally passionate about and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this passion with my pupils over many years. It has been my mission to make Art enjoyable to all children, as a means of expressing creativity and personality. I particularly enjoy mixed media projects and using collage and printing techniques.

Do you have any special memories from teaching Art? My most memorable times teaching Art at Pinewood have been when I have seen true awe and wonder from the children during collaborative projects, such as when we made a huge snake from used plastic carrier bags and wire, and during the creation of textile banners for permanent display.

Who is your favourite artist? I have many favourite artists across a variety of disciplines, but I particularly admire the work of the sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy. I have followed his work for many years.  His use of natural materials has been a great source of inspiration for projects I have completed at school too. I love the modernistic paintings of Georgia O’Keefe and the wonderful pastel work by Degas.  I’m intrigued by street art too and enjoy travelling to different places to see it.

Do you have a favourite gallery/place to visit? It’s impossible to select a favourite gallery, there are so many that I have enjoyed and like to visit. I love exploring different cities around the world with my family, and these travels have taken me to so many amazing galleries.  The inspiration I felt as a teenager, sitting in the Musee de l’Orangerie in Paris surrounded by Monet’s Lillies has stayed with me all these years!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I like spending time with my family in my free time, visiting interesting places and going for walks.

Jo Causer

Mrs Harrison

What is your role at Pinewood? I am a Junior Art teacher and Art Co-ordinator for Lower and Middle Schools. I am the lucky one who gets to teach Years 3, 4 and 5 Art for a double lesson each week. I am also the Wardrobe Manager and provide costumes for all the school plays.

What do you love most about teaching Art? Art is such a wonderful subject to teach. It allows children to switch off from all the reading and writing in other lessons and really focus on creativity. I love hearing ideas children have and seeing how they express their ideas via different media. It always makes my day when I’m walking along the path and a child will shout to me “what are we doing next lesson?” or “how’s my work drying out?” The topics for Junior Art are based around the Creative Curriculum, so I get to use so many different themes to teach Art skills; however, I have to say The Egyptians and The Rainforest are my top two themes.

Do you have any funny moments from teaching Art? There is never a dull day in the art studio and there are so many happy and fun memories I could tell you about, but here is the one that stands out.  About two years ago, I had a very funny incident with a frog. I am a bit of a squirrel and like to keep so many “useful” things in my store cupboard. You just never know when that bit of rubbish might come in handy! So the cupboard was piling up with junk and a child asked if I had any egg cartons for their sculpture they were creating. Of course I had an egg carton somewhere, so proceeded to empty the cupboard to find an egg box. Out jumped a frog and I just screamed and got on top of a table sharpish, the poor Year 3 children couldn’t work out what was wrong until they realised we had a new class member – Mr Frog. Luckily a gardener was close by and came to our rescue pretty quickly after hearing me squealing! Online art teaching is something I will never forget! I have always secretly dreamed of being a Blue Peter presenter, but online art teaching has totally put me off!  There were some hilarious moments and lots of thinking on my toes. I have kept a diary for a long time and reading back to last year’s entries really does make me giggle.

Who is your favourite artist? My favourite artist is Matisse. I just love his use of colour and ability to paint with scissors.

Do you have a favourite gallery? I have several favourite galleries, but I particularly love Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery.

Mrs Morris

What is your role at Pinewood? I teach Art to Year 6, 7 and 8.

What do you love most about teaching Art and what is your favourite topic to teach? I love enabling children to enjoy and explore Art and help them feel good about what they are working on. I think rather than a topic (as they are all fun to teach!), I really enjoy teaching different techniques as you see the children light up when something goes from what they think they can’t achieve to then succeeding!

Do you have any funny moments/special memories of teaching Art? As I started teaching art at Pinewood during lockdown in January I was always amazed and amused by the joy in the children’s faces when they can teach me something – usually to do with using Jamboard or Google Slides, or if there was a technical issue mid-lesson! They all adapted so well to the new style of teaching remotely.

Who is your favourite artist? At the moment I am doing lots of animal portraiture and so my favourite artist right now is a current artist called Bethany Vere, who does stunning work and has taught me lots.  Historically, I love the work by Degas and also Rembrandt as I was always in awe of their sketches and the relaxed use of line.

Do you have a favourite gallery/place to visit or a favourite work of art? I love visiting the National Portrait Gallery and seeing the different interpretations and styles; however, I wouldn’t say I have a favourite place or work of art as I genuinely just enjoy art, whether in the galleries, on the streets or simply an inspiring location.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I ride a lot with my daughter and love spending time with my family and pets (apparently a zoo, according to my niece!)