EcoBrick Challenge

Ecobrick sofa Jan 20_002

Parents may well remember that at the start of the Autumn Term we put out a request for families to start stuffing old 2 litre bottles with plastic non-recyclable rubbish.  Our hope was that each child would be able to bring an EcoBrick into school, with which we could build different items, including some recycling bins.  The response was fantastic; we were overwhelmed with bricks and quickly went about our building!   Today, in the Hall families are able to see (and even sit on!) our new sofa (which will be moved to the Outdoor Classroom once the weather improves) and will see other bins around the school, all made from our EcoBricks.

Pinewood is passionate about educating our children on how to look after and protect our planet.  In terms of waste around the school we always encourage children to think about where we can ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and to cut back on single-use plastic where possible.   But some non-recyclable waste is hard to avoid and the EcoBricks are a very visual and creative way to show ‘reusing’ of this non-recyclable rubbish that would otherwise end up in landfill.  Around the world people are using EcoBricks to build in a whole new way and are often seen in many sustainable building projects.  Whether it is indoor furniture, gardens and parks, or structures, imagination really is the only limit!

We look forward to sharing more environmental initiatives with you throughout the year.