Farnborough House ‘Best of British’ Charities Morning

charities 4

Well done to everyone in Farnborough for working so hard and putting on such a fantastic house charities morning just before we broke up for Half-Term.

We are thrilled to announce that we raised the grand total of £1,438.53 which we will be splitting between two charities. The first charity is ‘Shining Faces In India’, which gives aid to the Indian Christian Mission Center (ICMC), a Christian orphanage near Salem in southern India. This charity was brought to our attention through a Saturday kaleidoscope lecture from the Chaplain at King’s Bruton, Nigel Wilson-Brown. The second charity we will be supporting is ‘Dorcas International’, who work to support widow communities in Ghana, primarily with the intention of helping them educate their children, through business initiatives such as bread-making, soap-making and shea butter-making, which involve large numbers of community members, as well as shops, which support individual families.

Miss Gye will give a short presentation on Dorcas Aid International to the Prep School on Monday during Assembly.

Please go to the Photo Gallery to view more photos from the event.