Flute Trio Workshop at Bradfield College

flute 5

Pinewood flautists attended a fantastic Flute Trio workshop at Bradfield College in February. As always, it was filled with exciting and interesting ways of playing the flute that you don’t normally learn in music lessons. The Jet Whistle was one of them: if you blow down your flute really fast it makes a loud whistle. Also, The Cymbals, where you say ‘tss’ into your flute and it sounds like the cymbals.

The Flute Trio are three amazing young ladies who taught us for the day. They were very friendly and interacted brilliantly with the younger children, letting them engage really well with the activities. One Pinewood Year 4 pupil even conducted a section in our final performance.

Our final performance was split into six sections, three performed together as one group and the other three were performed in smaller groups. It was amazing because we had used the interesting techniques they had taught us during the day.

Everybody who was watching was impressed, including the Headmaster of Bradfield College, Dr Stevens. I am so glad that Pinewood arranges music trips for specific instruments because we get to meet and interact with other musicians from different prep schools.

All in all it was great fun!

Emily Stephens