Fly To The Line Competition Regional Winners!

fly to the line winners 1

Well done to our team of Year 5 engineers (Joao Filipe, Jamie, Marius & James) who competed against 9 other teams from Oxfordshire to win the regional finals of the Fly To The Line competition at RAF Benson yesterday.

Calling themselves Pinewood Airlines the boys had to build a brand new glider from scratch. No templates this time, just a piece of paper, a piece of A3 foam, a pencil and a ruler! They worked well as a team to come up with a design that they thought was going to allow their glider to travel the furthest, using specific measurements and precise cutting.

The atmosphere was a mixture of excitement and nerves as we gathered in the hangar for the competition. We were told that the winner would be chosen from the best of 3 flights. The first flight was launched from the catapult at a 5 degree angle. Pinewood Airlines were up third and we stepped up to the launcher with a little trepidation. Our glider was mounted and then 3, 2, 1 GO! Our glider was launched and didn’t stop for a huge distance! It was the best launch of the day! We had some tough competition from 2 other teams and as the competition came to a close we had no idea who the winner was. As the results were checked and verified we waited nervously. Then, finally, the results were announced… 7 schools, 9 teams and only 1 winner: Pinewood Airlines! The boys were ecstatic and, rightfully, proud of their efforts!

Well done, boys, on a great day of engineering work!

For more photos from the day, please go to the Photo Gallery.