Inter-House Chess & Table Tennis Competitions


With 47 entrants in the Chess and 59 in the Table Tennis, it looked like we were destined for some exciting matches and close contests. In the Table Tennis, last year’s winner, Josh T, was knocked out early on, opening up the tournament for everyone else. Zach M made it through to the semi-finals, beating some good players on his way. Max W also made it through to the same stage defeating 3 Year 8s in the process. However, William S and Tom C triumphed in their respective matches and faced each other during break time. With an expectant crowd waiting, we were treated to an outstanding match. The first game went to 15-13 as each player vied to win by 2 clear points. William made an early lead in the second match, but Tom pegged him back… but it was a little too late and William overcame the pressure to win the match and the competition.

In the Chess competition, the surprise of the tournament was George K being knocked out in the second round. Freddie B (Year 3) had a great run through to the 3rd round and Ollie T only just saw off the challenge of Huw W in the quarter finals. However, Tom C and Lucas B, last year’s finalists, both made it through to the final again this year, (although Lucas was very lucky to escape with a stalemate in his semi-final with Dan L). The atmosphere was tense in the Drawing Room for the match and, despite losing his Queen early on, Lucas fought hard and came back to win the match, (although he was only one move away from a back row mate). In the second game, Tom was initially on the offensive, but a brilliant move from Lucas to pin Tom’s Queen led to victory. To be honest, Lucas was only 1 move away from being check-mated – but just moving his Bishop one square changed the complexion of the game entirely. Both players provided a really entertaining  and the gathered crowds were kept on the edge of their seats throughout.

Well done to everyone who participated in two excellent competitions!