Kenya Club Link with Shonda

1516 Kenya Club

This term during Thursday afternoon activities pupils from Year 6 and 7 have been talking via Skype to pupils from St John’s School, Shonda in Kenya.  Each week the children were set a learning task by the children in Kenya and did their own internet research to find the answers.  The following week children swapped information, teaching each other about the chosen topic.

This is a technique devised by Professor Sugata Mitra and he has shown that enquiry based learning can be a highly effective tool when children are encouraged to work as a community to answer questions using computers with internet access.

The children discussed water conservation, cooling mechanisms, art, politics, climate and geography with their friends in Shonda.  The project was great fun, but occasionally hampered by a poor internet connection in Shonda.  When the connection was poor we resorted to learning Swahili and are now able to greet each other and sing a few simple songs.  It was really interesting to find out more about life in Shonda.

Mrs Lyon Taylor, Tom Cole & Lara Scudamore