La Journée Francaise

french 117

The whole school turned red, white and blue on Friday 17th June. A truly cross-curricular French Day took place. We began with an assembly with Madame Parmentier introducing the day in her best French. We even had some ballet, brilliantly improvised by Adelaide. Then the children were off to a series of French themed lessons. The Science department went to town with French bubbles. DT saw tower building. Art had a surrealist theme. Music was either Carnival of the Animals or Disney songs in French. The French Revolution was studied in History, Mr Bischoff held an inspired house Geography quiz. Mr Downe used Pascal’s triangle to do pizza toppings in Maths and the sports hall saw a Euro 2016 football tournament interspersed with boules on the balcony. The IT room saw some France inspired research and the drawing room was transformed into a bistro with Mr Hawley making a welcome return as a waiter.

The photos of the day, brilliantly taken by Mrs AG, tell the whole story, but the children seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. There was time at break for a pastry and a house sing song in French, Postbridge stealing the show with “La Grenouille Verte ” and its associated actions !

Huge thanks to the staff who went out of their way to make things work. Particular thanks to Mrs Matthews who was inspired in the bistro and to Mrs Cochrane who organised with precision the events in the Pre-Prep.