Latest News From The Shonda Project, Kenya

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A huge thank you for all your very generous contributions to St John’s School in Kenya, “The Shonda Project”, throughout 2015.

The school is growing fast and has plans for expansion. It has a great name locally and is producing some amazing results. The most recent academic results in January 2016 show that more children are sitting the end of primary education exam and higher scores are being achieved.

We thought it would be a good time to let you know the latest news from the school and where the funds you have raised have been used. They have recently sent us a School Report and here are the relevant extracts below.

“In the school we are blessed to have three hundred and sixty eight pupils. The pupils are hardworking, cooperative and ready to learn.

The library has been of great importance to the pupils; they make good use of it during their free time and during the library lessons. The school recently purchased new revision text books which have improved the academic performance of the pupils. Thank Shonda UK for the job well done and by making us one of the most well-equipped schools by text books around.

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In our school timetable we have the computer lessons for each and every class. During these lessons the pupils are taught on how to use the computer and carry out different operations. There are some constructions going on in the computer room, this being done so as to introduce E-learning in the room. We can’t forget thanking the UK team for facilitating the same.

The computer laboratory was introduced in 2013 by Shonda UK, since then new things have been coming up. The pupils also enjoy the computer literacy; they find it interesting to use it.   Early this year a projector was brought by our donors, this has helped the entire school. Since it has been easy to teach with it the pupils understanding better when the teacher is displaying pictures on the projector. Also more computers have been bought to reduce the sharing of one computer with more pupils. Two printers were also bought to reduce the school expenses of printing and photocopying from outside.

This month the installation of internet cables will be installed so that the pupils can now learn the importance of using the internet. Many things are about to come in to this project; all we ask for is God to give us strength and life to see this project pursuing well.  Introducing computer knowledge to this school was the best idea. I feel so happy to see my students understanding the basic importance of using computer in their daily lives.

The Nursery.  First of all I thank the Shonda UK for their sponsorship which enables us to expand our knowledge through training. It enables us to cope up with challenges in E.C.D.E. right now we are really enjoying our work. God bless them.  Not only materials but also sanitation has improved. I am once again congratulating the Shonda UK as they sponsored us with funds whereby we are constructing modern toilet for ECDE section and the whole school. God bless UK.

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The feeding programme started some three years ago when Shonda community requested the sponsors i.e. Shonda UK if they could support the programme and then they willingly accepted.

We at Shonda Kenya have the pleasure to extended our most sincere appreciation to Shonda UK for providing and supporting this Shonda project with assorted colourful, brilliant games kits.  Games kits are very much important in the  aspect of games and sports. Games kit has really contributed a lot to our school team every time we involve in any competition internally or externally. As a way of motivation our school team feel motivated while playing in a very brilliant kit. During ball games, athletics and music festivals games kits enable our school team to outshine other schools highly.  In our interschool sports day or fun day games kits with assorted colours create a very wonderful scenery as the competitors enjoy performing both field and track events.  We appreciate and request for more support on the same.

We thank Shonda UK for contribution towards this noble idea of sub-ordinate’s staff uniform.”

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Plans for 2016 include the following:

Fencing the school land

Introducing e-learning

Reroofing some classrooms

Upgrading the staff loos

Start building new classes and an administration office

Introducing a school matron to help in the kitchen

We are thrilled that Eleanor Lyon Taylor has set up a communication link with Shonda as a Thursday afternoon activity.  This is a wonderful way for the Pinewood children to learn from the Shonda children and vice versa.  Thank you, Eleanor!

Many thanks again for all your amazing support, it really is appreciated; this past year a staggering £2600 was contributed.  This has paid for a new loo block, the ongoing feeding programme, a teacher’s salary and for a computer teacher, all invaluable at St John’s.

Tans Lawson and Liz Woods