Latest Scholarship News

Pinewood General March 16 026

Congratulations to our final scholars of the year:

Max Woodford – Academic Scholarship to Marlborough College

Lucia Harrison – William Morris All-Rounder Scholarship to Marlborough College

Ed Wrench – William Morris All-Rounder & Sports Scholarships to Marlborough College

Marina Prichard-Jones – Art Scholarship to Milton Abbey

They join the following, who have already been awarded scholarships this year:

Rohan Chandrasekaran – Young & Summers Academic Scholarship to Abingdon

Geena Capps – Top Academic Scholarship (Lord James of Hereford) & Drama Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Edie Doherty – Academic Scholarship & Drama Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Catherine Gedney – Academic Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Mahony Knight – Academic Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Izzy Bidwell – Academic Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Amelie Summers – Headmistress’s All-Rounder Award & Drama Scholarship to The Royal High School, Bath

Huw Williams – Music Scholarship to Rendcomb

Charlie Marriott – Academic Scholarship to Downside

Huw Williams & Carmen Ritchie – Music Scholarship to Dean Close

Jessica Stephens – Sports Scholarship to Wellington College

Jessica Stephens – Music & Sports Scholarships to Dean Close

Geena Capps – Choral Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Catherine Gedney – Music Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Edie Doherty – Music Award to Cheltenham College

Lily Vere Nicoll – Music Award to St Edward’s, Oxford

Archie Shanahan – Sports Scholarship to Dean Close

Jessica Stephens – Music Exhibition to Wellington College.

Tinka Barber, Lily Nicholson and Olivia Vyvyan-Robinson – Sports Scholarships to Cheltenham College

Jemima Beadman – Music Scholarship to Tudor Hall

Josh Paulin – Sports Scholarship to Clifton College