Latest Scholarship News

Old Pinewoodian Magazine

Congratulations to the following, who have received awards to their senior schools:

Imogen Mason: Colin Cocks All-Rounder Scholarship to Dean Close

Emily Stephens: Headmaster’s Award to Cheltenham College

Henry Scrimshaw-Wright: Sports Scholarship to Cokethorpe

Jonathan Cowie: Music Scholarship to Cokethorpe

Alex Taylor: Drama Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Ed Hartley: Drama Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Emily Conner: Art Exhibition to Cheltenham College

They join the following, who have all received awards to their senior schools this year:

Max Owen: Academic Scholarship & Drama Scholarship

Max Moseley: The Jolie Brise All-Rounder Scholarship & The Desmond Morris Science Scholarship

Charlie Robinson: Music Exhibition to Strathallan

Olivia Lawson: Art Scholarship to St Helen’s & St Katharine’s

Charlotte Hannon: Music Scholarship to Bradfield

Meredith Powell-Turner: Music Scholarship to Rendcomb

Jonathan Cowie: Music Exhibition to Rendcomb

Madeleine Banfield: Music Exhibition to Bradfield

Arabella Robinson: Academic Scholarship to Strathallan

Sebbie Kimber: Music Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Meredith Powell-Turner: Music Exhibition to Shrewsbury

Imogen Mason: Sports Scholarship to Dean Close

Emily Stephens: Sports Scholarship to Dean Close

Flora Fletcher: Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Rose Dillon: Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Will Taylor: Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Sebbie Kimber: Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College