Live ‘Agora’ Day

Pinewood General Oct 15 050

Year 8 set 1 recently participated in an organised event to stimulate discussion and debate around the following themes: Public Interest, National Security, Motive and Rule of Law. It was a live and interactive event across the country with other schools. We were able to vote live on the themes, which was exciting and engaged us throughout the day. We could also share our ideas and comment through a ‘chat bar’ with the other schools. Although the story was fictional the questions raised and responses generated were very much applicable to our lives today and that of our future.

The story revolved around the fictional country of Namovia and the question as to whether a government worker should be punished for ‘whistleblowing’ in the public interest. She believed that the people of Namovia should know that the secret service were spying on them (listening to their phone calls and reading their emails and texts). Throughout the day we watched live news bulletins, heard arguments for and against. After each bulletin we discussed the relevant theme and completed activities in order to evaluate both sides of the argument and reach our decision to be shared with other schools. The two biggest highlights for us were the live phone call from the AGORA HQ, allowing us to share our thoughts about the day. They were very impressed with our feedback and the discussions we were having, to the extent that we were on the call for over 6 minutes! Secondly, we finished the day with a class debate, allowing us to share and develop our opinions.

It was so successful that Mr Downe and Mr Hewitt-Boorman are looking forward very much to the opportunity to participate in the event next Spring with the whole of Year 8.

Eleanor D, Jecca LT, Sonny N and Matilda M