Microsoft DigiGirlz Event

digigirlz 1

A group of 3 Year 8 girls headed to the Microsoft Headquarters in Reading during Half Term to take part in their DigiGirlz event. The aim of the event was to educate young girls about the opportunities available whilst pursuing STEM-related subjects. The girls were first spoken to by 3 very senior Microsoft employees who spoke to them about all of the possibilities available in STEM-related careers and how to get there. We also heard the truly inspirational story of how Jennifer Achiro made her way from a small Ugandan town to become the Enterprise Sales Lead in the Central Government, based at Microsoft. Fuelled by inspiration, the girls were then set off on the ‘Maker Challenge’. The challenge was to make/think of a product that would make life easier for someone with any form of disability. The Pinewood girls chose to focus on those who have a hearing impairment and created a watch that alerts the wearer, using Micro:Bit technology, when a doorbell rings or a smoke alarm is set off. They created a working prototype by coding their Micro:Bits and then perfected their pitch. After a delicious lunch provided by Microsoft we were then sent on a Treasure Hunt around the campus where we had to find questions and try to answer them correctly. Once we had completed the hunt we then headed up to the ‘den’ with our prototype and the girls had to pitch to 3 senior Microsoft employees. They did fantastically and fielded some tricky questions! The girls, unfortunately, did not win the overall prize but they have come away filled with enthusiasm and motivation. A huge thank you to Microsoft for a wonderful day.

For more photos from the event please go to the Photo Gallery.