Mountain Biking Trip to Project 417

biking 5

After a number of visits to the mountain biking locations in and around Swindon, the group went further afield on Thursday and visited the recently opened Project 417 near Cheltenham. This is a privately-owned bike park with downhill runs, an indoor pump track, jumps (indoor and outdoor) and lots of other opportunities to develop confidence and skills on a bike (as well as having lots and lots of fun!).

We started with a short trip down the end of the Blue run – the children particularly enjoyed the jumps towards the end – before heading into their pump track. After getting used to the movement required to gain and maintain speed, children were soon getting a little bit of air and definitely getting faster. We did the no-pedal challenge (who can get round the pump track without pedalling) and then a time trial (winning time from Ed Wrench of 16.99s).

The boys had lots of fun and I encourage anyone looking for an active and exciting day out to look at this place. A huge thank you to Mr Cooper for driving and to Ian and Colin for joining us on the trip.


For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.