Old Pinewoodian Talks to Upper School about Pinewood in the 1960s

angus gribbon 1

We were delighted to welcome Old Pinewoodian, Angus Gribbon, to Pinewood today to talk to Years 7 & 8 about his time at Pinewood in the 1960s. The children were fascinated to learn that in Angus’s time there were only 80 children in the school, there were no girls, all but one pupil was a boarder, and once term had started the boys didn’t go home for the whole term, although they were allowed out for lunch on Sundays. He remembers climbing trees, film nights and the weekly treat of tuck, which meant a lot in those days.

Angus, who was Captain of School (Head Boy) at Pinewood, was really pleased to hear from the children that some things he remembers from his time at Pinewood haven’t changed, such as the names of the dorms, which reflect places on Dartmoor (where the school was based during the war), we still teach Latin, weekly boarders still enjoy a treat from the tuck cupboard and den building still takes place!

We would like to thank Angus for giving up his time to give the Upper School pupils such an interesting talk and for answering so many questions!