Oratory Prep Cross-Country Winners!

cross country 27

Well done Team Pinewood on a phenomenal set of results at this week’s Oratory Prep Cross-Country Meeting and for being the overall winners of the meeting.

Everyone put in a huge effort and ran really well, with the following notable overall team and individual results:

U8 Boys & U8 Girls – 3rd Teams

U9 Girls – 3rd Team (3rd: Izzy O)

U9 Boys – 2nd Team (2nd: Lucas H)

U10 Girls – 2nd Team

U10 Boys – 3rd Team

U11 Boys – 1st Team (1st: James H)

U13 Girls – 1st Team (1st: Wizzy W, 2nd: Aoife S, 3rd: Emily LT)

U13 Boys – 3rd Team (1st: George L, 3rd: Robin B)

Overall winning team: Pinewood

For more photos from the event, please go to the Photo Gallery.