Pinewood Experiences the Solar Eclipse

eclipse 17

On Friday last week a partial solar eclipse occurred that was visible from the Northern Hemisphere. Everyone at Pinewood had the chance to see it. The Year 8 Scholars acted as runners to collect each class at their allocated time slot, including the children in Pre-Prep. We had three different stations from which to view the eclipse: one on Top Field and two on the terrace. At each of these stations there were data loggers to record the amount of light; pin hole viewing boxes that we had made to view the solar eclipse, and special solar eclipse glasses to filter out the sun’s harmful rays.

Everyone in Pre-Prep seemed to enjoy the chance to see the moon crossing in front of the sun and were amazed by the solar eclipse. The Prep school also appreciated this special event as it is such a rare occasion. We were surprised at how cold it was during the eclipse and how quickly the moon seemed to pass in front of the sun.  We hope that you managed to see the solar eclipse wherever you were as well as we did.

A special thank you to Mrs Lyon Taylor, Miss Wise and Mr King for organising such a significant event.

Year 8 Scholars