Pinewood Gold Programme – First Pupils Achieve Their Gold Award!

Gold Programme competed Jan 19 005 edit

Well done to Matilda R, Poppy R and Emily P, who are the first Pinewood pupils to complete the Gold Award of the Pinewood Gold Programme. This is a tremendous achievement as the Year 6 girls have completed all three levels in just four terms!

The Gold Programme started in September 2015 and forms part of the Pinewood enrichment programme for Years 5, 6 and 7 and its aim is to encourage children to explore new areas outside the normal curriculum, to develop intellectual curiosity and to cultivate skills for independent learning. As a voluntary programme, children can choose from 40 challenges all linked to a broad area of the curriculum. Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are given at the completion of each level in the challenge.

To achieve their Gold Award, Matilda, Poppy and Emily each had to complete 10 challenges (some of which were completed as part of their Bronze and Silver Awards).

Matilda created two games designed to teach Maths and French vocabulary to children. She then became a natural history explorer and walked the same route five times recording observations of plants and animal life as she went. Finally, Matilda devised a literary tea party for some book characters and made a banana milkshake for Ruby Redfort.

Poppy designed two new book covers for some favourite books. She made a game, adapted from Snakes and Ladders to teach younger children numeracy. Poppy planned a walk around her local area, which she completed five times at different times of the day and in different weather conditions, making detailed observations each time. To complete her Gold Award Poppy created a literary tea party and made some ‘worm’ spaghetti for Mr Twit!

Emily made an explorer scrapbook on Amelia Earhart and a Maths game to teach numeracy to a younger child. She then made a French game called ‘Voyage, Voyage!’ with questions and chance cards. Finally, to complete her Gold Award Emily produced a menu and invitations to a literary tea party and made some marmalade sandwiches and strawberry tarts for her guests, Paddington and Alice!

Well done, Matilda, Poppy and Emily!