Pinewood Ski Trip to Courmayeur

school ski trip 65

About 40 pupils and 7 staff headed for Courmayeur on this year’s school ski trip. We arrived in the sunshine at midday and unpacked at our hotel, “The Bosco”. Later on we went up the mountain to get our ski gear. The hotel was amazing; the staff were very friendly and the food was superb. Everyone was pleased with the warm, homely atmosphere.

Monday was our first day of skiing. There were seven groups, each had their own instructor who stayed with them throughout the week; the staff rotated round and skied with a different group each day. The weather was perfect for skiing; sunny but not too hot. The skiing instructors were brilliant and we all improved massively.

Each afternoon after skiing we did an après ski activity. They were all very well organised and lots of fun. First was bowling, Miss Gye unexpectedly topping the leader boards. There was also sledging in which we raced in teams as well as on our own. Whilst sledging, a snowball fight started, of course by Mr King. We went to town twice and spent all our money on sweets. On one of the nights we went to a karaoke bar and sang all night long, Tom leading the way. There was also a pizza night at a restaurant in town, including chocolate pizzas to celebrate a special birthday! On the last day it was presentation evening, where each ski instructor gave out awards to their groups. We then said our thank yous, including showcasing our “ski team theme tune” to them and the staff and gave them thank you presents for all of the great fun we had had that week.

On Saturday we skied in onesies and had a day of total fun. We left Courmayeur that evening and made our way home.

Thank you to Miss Wise, Mr Fuller, Mr Caird, Mr King, Miss Gye, Mr Fogden and Miss Parris for such an enjoyable and well organised trip.

Max Owen

For many more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.