Pinewood Year 5 Maths Challenge

IMG_20160524_145212 CROP

We had 7 teams from local schools for the second Pinewood Year 5 Maths Challenge, with the 4 members of each team excited and eager for some mathematical puzzles to get stuck into! The first round was a mental arithmetic round of 10 questions – 10 points for each correct answer. The teams then had 8 challenges to complete, including making a tangram shape, creating the tallest tower of marshmallows and straws, solving a code and finding a way through an ABC maze. All the teams were thoroughly engaged in each challenge and the amount of teamwork on display was excellent. The final round was the Alpharace, where teams had to solve Countdown style questions or arithmetic questions – the first to solve the problem was able to take the letter off the wall – 5 points per letter! Huge thanks to our visiting schools and the teachers who brought them, as well as a big thank you to the Year 8 Scholars, who very ably assisted each team through the afternoon.

In the final reckoning, Longcot and Fernham came third, Pinewood second, and Holy Family, Swindon a very well-deserved first place!

Here is a question from the mental round for you to attempt:

In 5 years’ time, Jim will be twice as old as he was 3 years ago. How old is Jim now?

BONUS 1): I think of a number, square it, then double this and finally add 3. I get the same result if I square my original number, treble it and then minus 13. What is my number?

BONUS 2): The two long sides of a rectangle are (3x + 2y)cm and (4x – 3y + 5)cm and the two shorter sides are (x + y)cm and (2x – y – 1)cm. What is the area of the rectangle in cm²?

Answers to to win a point up for your child!