Pinewood Year 5 Maths Challenge

Year 5 Maths Challenge May 15 003

On the afternoon of Friday 8th May 2015 Pinewood hosted its first Mathematical challenge run by Douglas Buchanan.

8 local primary and prep schools came with up to 4 pairs of Year 5 mathematicians to take part in this exciting and engaging competition. With the Theatre split into many single tables, each pair had 6 challenges to complete, from sorting cards due to rules, to making shapes out of tangrams. Everyone had a great time, finishing the competition by all jumping up and shouting ‘I love maths’! The top pair from each school was given a prize, and the winning 2 pairs overall were congratulated and given a calculator or maths set. The Pinewood pair of Izzy Bidwell and Anahita Roy came second, with St Margret’s Prep School winning the challenge.

Well done to everyone involved, and many thanks to the Year 8 scholars who were integral in quickly and efficiently marking all the challenges throughout the afternoon.