Pinewood Year 5 Primary Schools Maths Challenge


We were delighted to welcome 11 visiting schools to this year’s Maths Challenge.

The children got straight into working out various warm up puzzles. The first competitive round was the mental questions, followed by the ever-popular challenge round. This consisted of 6 puzzles to be solved in 6 minutes with a number of points available to the teams. Team work and quick-thinking were key to success, as well as fluency with basic numerical calculations. Finally, teams had to compete to win letters in the Alpharace round – answering questions to be the first to take the star off the wall. Chaos ensued, but it was clear from their faces that the children were having a blast solving Maths questions quickly (and accurately).

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Following the challenge, the teams moved to the terrace for tea and prize giving. Our Pinewood team finished a very respectable 4th place, with Longcot and Fernham taking first place. A big thank you and well done to all the teams and staff from local schools who took part, the bus drivers who picked them up, the Pinewood Year 7 and 8 pupils, who helped, and Mr Benbow for his tremendous help. We look forward to running another stimulating and challenging competition next year.