Portraits Art Competition

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Well done to everyone who entered the recent art competition. The results were as follows:

Year 3

1st  Lucas H

2nd Serena I

3rd Izzy O & Henry LT

4th Jessica R

Year 4

1st Felix Har

2nd Felix Hal & Charlotte R

3rd Trinity P

4th Sophie K

Year 5

1st Ollie S

2nd Daisy R & Izzy R

Year 6

1st Sonny N

2nd Georgina P, Jecca LT & Amelia E

3rd Casper O & Freddy S

4th Harry K

5th Hector F

Year 7

1st Yasmin W

Year 8

1st Gracie N

2nd Kiki W

Overall Winners: 

1st Lucas H

2nd Isla H

3rd Sonny N