Pre-Prep Visit by Author Andrew Weale

author 7

On Tuesday Andrew Weale came to visit Pre-Prep. He read us one of his books, ‘Spooky, Spooky House’ and then we made an audio book of ‘Spooky, Spooky House’. He also showed us a video about ‘Dinosaur Doo’. My favourite part was when he said his name backwards: Elaew Werdna. He asked us questions about his books and the names of dinosaurs.

By Aadi Tiwari

We made an audio book by doing actions and sounds. If we got a question right we got a colouring sheet. He showed us his name backwards, it looked very funny and it sounded very funny. We had to write our name in our favourite colour. After lunch we got to choose a book, it was signed by Andrew.

By Jecca Lyon Taylor

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