Race For The Line Competition

race 9

Half a term’s work building race cars out of foam blocks culminated in the Race for the Line Race Day on Thursday 14th March.

After the weather postponed the start of our race we were ready and raring to go at 14:15. The rain had stopped, the sun had come out, but the wind was still howling. This didn’t deter us, though, we just set the track up to use the wind to our best advantage! A few technical issues meant we started later than anticipated, but this just meant that the tension had more time to build. We overcame the technical issues and were ready to go. ‘Track Live’ was shouted across the hard courts from the race engineers (Miss Stevens and Miss Martyn-Fisher), ‘Clear’ was shouted back by the race marshal (Mr Newcome) and the countdown began ‘3, 2, 1….GO!’ and the first car shot across the start line and raced to the finish.

All of the cars made it successfully to the finish line, some in a sorrier state than others with missing wheels and scraped paint work!

Well done to the winning team for gaining a place at the Regional Finals (details to follow once they have been released).

Winners: Pineapples (Tommy B, George L and Max R) speed = 18.62 m/s

2nd place: Flymingos (Randeep G, Hattie S and Melissa W) speed = 18.38 m/s

3rd place: Fiery Rainbows (Charlie S, Jack W, Tilly B) speed = 14.21 m/s

For more photos from the event please go to the Photo Gallery.