Scholarship News

Pinewood General March 16 026

Congratulations to our most recent scholars:

Kiki W who has been awarded the Brewer Williams Academic Scholarship and the Douglas Bader Leadership Award to St Edward’s, Oxford, and to Tara L, who has been awarded the Goldsmiths Award for the top Art Scholarship to Cokethorpe.

Kiki and Tara join the following, who have all received awards to their senior schools this year:

Will S – Academic Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Milan T – Academic Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Minnie F – Drama Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Kiki W – All-Rounder Scholarship (Music & Drama) to St Edward’s, Oxford

Aadi T – 11+ All-Rounder Scholarship to Magdalen College School

Livvy M – Foundation Scholar for achieving scholarship status in Academics, Music & Drama

Poppy T – Sports Scholarship to Bradfield College

Alfie B – Sports Exhibition to Monkton Combe

Will S – Music Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Tom F – Sports Scholarship to Our Lady’s, Abingdon

Amelia W – Sports Exhibition to Tudor Hall

Poppy D – Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Minnie F – Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Rosa H – Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College