Scholarship News

Pinewood May 14

Congratulations to our latest scholars, who have received awards to Marlborough College: Inès J (Art Scholarship) and Ottilie G (William Morris All-Rounder Scholarship).

Inès and Ottilie join the following, who have already received awards to their senior schools this year:

Kiki W – Brewer Williams Academic Scholarship and the Douglas Bader Leadership Award to St Edward’s, Oxford

Tara L – Goldsmiths Award for the top Art Scholarship to Cokethorpe

Will S – Academic Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Milan T – Academic Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Minnie F – Drama Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Kiki W – All-Rounder Scholarship (Music & Drama) to St Edward’s, Oxford

Aadi T – 11+ All-Rounder Scholarship to Magdalen College School

Livvy M – Foundation Scholar for achieving scholarship status in Academics, Music & Drama

Poppy T – Sports Scholarship to Bradfield College

Alfie B – Sports Exhibition to Monkton Combe

Will S – Music Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Tom F – Sports Scholarship to Our Lady’s, Abingdon

Amelia W – Sports Exhibition to Tudor Hall

Poppy D – Sports Scholarship to Cheltenham College

Minnie F – Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College

Rosa H – Sports Exhibition to Cheltenham College