Shonda Project Update

shonda 3a

Liz, David and Chris Woods visited St John’s, Shonda (our link school in Kenya) at the end of last term to test and distribute glasses to those pupils in need. Some Pinewood pupils had already had the chance to try these glasses before the Woods family left for Africa. Liz reported back on the trip as follows:

“The trip was a great success and we had a fascinating time with the staff and students of St John’s. Pinewood’s generous support over the years is very evident, and the water supply that was installed in 2012 is in constant use – all day, in fact. One of the associated benefits has been that the “run off” from the tap where everyone gathers to wash and drink has created a sort of oasis which has allowed trees to grow, and this provides shade (most appreciated by us personally when watching the football game in 33 degrees! The goalie for the game was wearing a Pinewood shirt!!). Personally, I was also very glad to be able to use the Pinewood loos, and to see the entire kindergarten queuing up to use them too!

Having seen what is needed at the school and after speaking to the teachers, the focus for future Pinewood fundraising will be:

  • Contributing to the completion of new, secure classrooms in which the computer suite can be housed. These are partially built, but progress has stalled until funds can provide a roof. Without secure storage for the computers the computers are kept off site and access is, therefore, very restricted for the children.
  • Contributing to the purchase of text books to enable the new Kenyan curriculum to be taught (this is due out next year).
  • Continue to pay the salary of one teacher.

It was wonderful to be at the school during term time, and to work there for many hours each day. We even had a school lunch……I am exceptionally appreciative of Pinewood’s ongoing commitment to The Shonda Project –  thank you!”

For more photos of the Woods’ trip and Year 7 testing the glasses before they left the UK, please go to the Photo Gallery.