Ski Trip Blog – Day 1


After a long day travelling we finally arrived in Courmayeur at 2pm. We were dropped off at the hotel where we met Lauren and Izzy, our InterSki coordinators, and had a delicious lunch of lasagne. We then split into Middle and Upper School groups, with the Middle School group heading up the mountain in a gondola, which was the first gondola journey for some and was very exciting, whilst the Upper School settled into their rooms. The Middle School children got kitted up and then headed back down the mountain to settle into their rooms whilst the other group headed up the mountain to get suited and booted! Yesterday evening we had a delicious 3 course supper followed by singing a big Happy Birthday to Miss Parris and getting an early night (all in bed with lights out by 9:00!). Lots of very excited faces ready to hit the slopes on Monday!

Due to a slight technical issue, I’m afraid there are no photos from Sunday, but we will make sure there are lots of photos from Monday’s skiing!