Ski Trip Blog – Day 2

skiing 22

What a day we have all had! We all woke up very excited to hit the slopes so we got through breakfast quickly so we could get started! When we arrived on the mountain the weather was stunning; clear blue skies and lovely sunshine! We quickly booted up, collected our skis and met our fantastic instructors, then headed further up the mountain.

The different ability groups split off at this stage with the beginners heading up to the ‘baby bowl’ where they learnt how to go up a slope in a chair lift, put skis on, ‘scoot’ on one ski, get into a snow plough position and then start skiing down a small slope as well as adding in some turns and jumps! Everyone made brilliant progress and we’re looking forward to seeing this continue tomorrow.

The Level 2 children refreshed their skills and started doing some gentle skiing. Level 3 again refreshed their skills and then started on the slopes, and Levels 4 and 5 headed straight onto the slopes whilst receiving advice on how to improve their technique. All the children did fantastically and the Interski instructors were very impressed with their attitudes and abilities.

Once skiing had finished for the day (we of course stopped for lunch in the sunshine in between the skiing!) we headed down the mountain to our first of two activities – ‘bum boarding’! The children all enjoyed sliding down a few slopes on their rubber boards and then we all walked into Courmayeur town for a trip to the local gelato shop! As you can imagine, this went down very well with the children and after they had had their ice cream they were given some free time to wander around the shops and were gently encouraged to look for potential gifts for families at home (we did our best for you all!).

We have just had another delicious 3 course supper, the Middle School children are tucked up in bed (8:45pm) and the Upper School children are taking part in a quiz organised by Interski. Needless-to-say, everyone is very excited for their second day of skiing tomorrow so fingers crossed for more stunning weather!

For more photos from the trip, please go to the Photo Gallery.